Why $4.99 Costco Chicken Is a Massive Problem


  • Costco sells rotisserie chicken for $4.99 and will go to great lengths to maintain this ultralow price. The company is opening its own poultry CAFO in Fremont, Nebraska, to have better control over the size of the broilers
  • There are steep, hidden costs to CAFO chicken, including environmental costs, human health costs and ethical considerations
  • Current-day CAFO chickens contain more fat than protein and have lower amounts of omega-3 fats and higher omega-6 than they used to. Previous research has linked diets high in omega-6 to a rise in obesity
  • Another significant hazard linked to CAFO chicken is the spread of antibiotic-resistant disease, specifically urinary tract infections (UTIs), including drug-resistant UTIs, which are on the rise
  • Recent studies have conclusively demonstrated that a majority of UTIs are caused by exposure to contaminated chicken; American, Canadian and European studies have all confirmed close genetic matches between drug-resistant E. coli collected from human patients and those found on poultry

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SHOCKER: New “Perfexonate” bottled water contains an FDA-designated drug that causes cancer, brittle bones and lowered IQ – just kidding, that’s American tap water

Doctors in America regularly prescribe medications that cause horrific side effects, including dire health conditions one would never voluntarily sign up for, but in most cases, that’s what patients are regularly doing now. Most chronic health problems start off in silent mode, where you don’t even know anything is wrong. Doctors know this. Continue reading

Shocking vaccine truth: Hundreds of cancer genes are deliberately engineered into the MMR vaccine to promote cancer for generations to come


A shocking new gene sequencing investigation has found that MMR vaccines are deliberately engineered to cause cancer as a repeat business model for Big Pharma, which manufactures vaccines and cancer treatment drugs for profit. Continue reading


Forget bugs, some people are now using their own bodily fluids to make ‘human blood sausages’. Continue reading

Live pigs are used as crash test dummies and killed in ‘cruel’ 30mph simulations in China, sparking fury from animal rights groups

Animal rights groups have reacted with fury after it emerged that researchers in China have been using live pigs as crash test dummies.

Fifteen immature pigs were strapped in for high-speed simulations in a study which killed seven of them. Continue reading

The Way of the Cross for Latinos in American hospitals will end.

The Way of the Cross for Latinos in American hospitals will end. Continue reading

Elmiron: This Common Bladder Pill Is Causing Blindness


  • Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a chronic bladder condition that may trigger scarring and stiffening of the bladder walls. After decades of use, new information demonstrates a long-term medication, Elmiron, may cause retinal damage mimicking age-related macular degeneration or pattern dystrophy, resulting in blindness
  • Researchers are hopeful that if identified early, the damage may be mitigated; how the damage is triggered is unclear
  • IC causes a frequent urge to urinate, sometimes up to 60 times in a 24-hour period. It also causes pain and pressure in the bladder. Those with IC may also have migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and/or allergies. Those with pelvic floor dysfunction may find relief with physical therapy
  • Certain foods trigger symptoms in the bladder, as do stress and anxiety since it increases muscle tension. One study found symptom relief with melatonin and another with quercetin; consider using emotional freedom techniques to help reduce stress and muscle tension and to experience pain relief

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Why You Should Never Buy CBD Oil From Amazon


  • Amazon.com, which controls an estimated 40% of all U.S. e-commerce and handles more consumer searches than Google, has been found to sell counterfeit supplements on more than one occasion
  • A recent investigation found that while Amazon prohibits the sale of cannabidiol (CBD) products, it sells ad space for CBD and carries thousands of products matching the search term for “CBD”
  • Testing reveals Amazon’s bestselling hemp oil contains CBD, even though CBD is not listed on the label. Other products listed as “CBD” contain no CBD. In essence, Amazon is defrauding customers twice
  • There are no reputable companies selling CBD on Amazon, so do not buy CBD products from them
  • Another recent investigation identified 4,152 items for sale on Amazon that have been declared unsafe or banned by federal regulators, or have deceptive labels

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Brain Regeneration: Why it’s Real & How to Do it

Have you ever wished you could regenerate those brain cells you sacrificed in college? Do you fear that your aging brain is in a perpetual state of decline? Medical science is being rewritten to show that we CAN improve the health of our brain, and that repairing damage is not only possible, it’s something anyone can do  Continue reading

EMFs in Cars – 7 Ways To Reduce Your Exposure

Owning and driving the latest hi-tech car can be such a thrill. Automobile technology has given us so much, it really has transformed the driving experience. Continue reading

WATCH: Israeli breakthrough relieves debilitating cancer pain

Doctors in Israel have pioneered a novel approach to eliminate the unbearable pain endured by those suffering from pancreatic cancer.

The Way of the Cross for Latinos in American hospitals will end

The Way of the Cross for Latinos in American hospitals will end. Continue reading

Climate alarmists drop the polar bear as their mascot since polar bears are thriving, with record population numbers

You probably won’t be seeing too many polar bears in the mainstream media anymore now that the climate brigade has decided to drop the furry arctic animal from its propaganda lineup. Continue reading