Vitamin-rich pineapple fruit hosts a variety of health benefits that make it a REAL superfood

The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical fruit that has been celebrated for centuries, thanks to its unique taste and amazing health benefits — a single serving of pineapple chunks can boost immunity, build strong bones and improve digestion. For all its sweetness however, it’s actually great for weight loss, since the fruit is low in calories. Continue reading

Start your day right with a delicious keto-approved breakfast (includes 3 easy recipes)

It takes discipline to commit to a healthy eating plan, especially one as strict as the keto diet. But if you’re new to this particular diet, rest assured that you won’t be stuck eating bland food. You can enjoy nutritious meals that are also delicious as long as you make keto-friendly breakfast recipes, like broccoli cheese muffins and spinach quiche. Continue reading

Your EMF Questions Answered, Part 1

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Special Report: A Plastic Tide


  • The world now produces 299 million tons of plastics a year, most of which ends up in the oceans
  • A hard-hitting documentary from Sky News, “A Plastic Tide,” showcases the urgent problem of plastic pollution and what some activists are doing about it
  • Volunteers in Mumbai, India, and other places are cleaning up the plastic pollution on beaches
  • Marine animals die from eating plastic, which they can mistake for food or become entangled in
  • CT scans reveal plastic in the tissues of mussels found in Belgium

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Study Sheds Light on Common Cause of Back Pain


  • The joints in your spine contain a bony vertebrae, spinal disc and cartilage endplates, which act as cushions for the vertebrae
  • An overgrowth of nerves into the cartilaginous endplates in the spine could be to blame for many cases of low back pain
  • Cells called osteoclasts create a “Swiss cheese-like” bony structure where soft, cartilage should be, with the spaces providing room for nerves to penetrate the area
  • Overuse and misuse of the muscles supporting your spine, poor muscle strength and inappropriate posture while sitting, standing and walking are also reasons why you may suffer from lower back pain
  • Bodyweight exercises that strengthen and elongate your core and posterior chain — which includes all the muscles that connect to your pelvis — may alleviate many chronic pain issues

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Berry foraging: How to identify and harvest 8 wild berries

Proper preparation can go a long way in increasing your chances of survival when facing an emergency situation. Continue reading

More Chinese now under LOCKDOWN than the entire population of the United States, 400 million people in over 60 cities


Most people are probably aware of the fact that communist China is home to far more people than the United States. But did you also know that there are now more people under mandatory lockdown in China due to novel coronavirus than there are people currently living in America, period? Continue reading

EMERGENCY MEDICINE skills: Creating your own penicillin at home

The discovery of penicillin was considered a landmark that changed the face of modern medicine. Penicillin refers to a group of powerful antibacterial drugs that target a wide variety of bacterial infections. Continue reading

Israeli Technology Protects Sensitive Data with Optical ‘Invisibility Cloak’

New technology from Israel protects sensitive information so effectively that researchers say it will take hackers years to break the encryption key. Continue reading

Schizophrenia and Senior Care

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental health disorder that usually begins between the ages of 16 and 30. The disorder is often severe enough to affect one’s entire life including how one thinks, acts, and feels. Continue reading

Tapping Into Negative Mental Chatter to Yourself


  • Correlations exist between self-critical self-talk and self-esteem, such that the more negative thoughts you have about yourself, the more your self-esteem suffers
  • In the featured video, Julie Schiffman demonstrates a simple technique to gain control of negative mental chatter related to weight management or body image
  • People have, on average, 70,000 thoughts in a day, 40,000 of which are repetitive; this means you could be telling yourself over and over again that you’re not good enough or not worthy
  • With EFT, you can shut down the negative voice and free your mind for more positive thoughts
  • Schiffman recommends that you take “should” out of your vocabulary altogether, because whenever you say, “I should do this or that,” you’re setting yourself up for a great deal of disappointment, guilt and shame; say “could” or “will” instead

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How to Raise or Lower Your Dementia Risk Through Diet


  • A high-fat, moderate-protein, low net-carb ketogenic diet is crucial for preventing degeneration that can lead to Alzheimer’s. High-carb diets have been shown to increase your risk of dementia by 89% while high-fat diets lower it by 44%
  • Other research highlights the importance of eating a diet rich in flavonols — antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables and tea. Those who got the highest amounts of flavonols had a 48% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s than those getting the lowest amounts
  • Drinking tea three times or more per week also lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality. A 50-year-old habitual tea drinker would develop heart disease and/or have a stroke 1.41 years later than someone who drinks it less frequently, and live 1.26 years longer
  • Diets high in trans fats, refined sugar, grains and processed vegetable oils, as well as insufficient cholesterol, raise your risk of dementia
  • Diets high in trans fats can raise your risk of dementia by 52% to 74%. The biggest dietary culprits include pastries, margarine, candy, caramels, croissants, nondairy creamers, ice cream and rice cakes

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Harmony Becomes Cacophony: When Healthy Cells Become Cancerous

A novel method to improve cancer surgery and early cancer detection

A study published in the Water Journal describes a novel method for comparing the sounds of cancer cells and healthy cells. The method may lead to the development of an Artificial Intelligence-supported surgical procedure for the removal of tumors. A form of the technology also holds promise for early cancer detection

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Ancient ‘outlaw temple’ discovered in Israel


The famous First Temple was not alone. Continue reading