How to Awaken the Chakras: Introduction to Kundalini Energy (Episode 1)

An in-depth guide to understand the process of awakening the Chakras and Kundalini. This series consists of 9 episodes providing deep insights into the nature of each chakra and practices to activate them consciously. Areas covered are science, psychology, energy work, Astral projection, telepathy, Christianity, Ancient Egypt, esoteric symbolism and more. Discover the power of the cosmos that’s expressed as 7 manifestations of intelligence within you. Continue reading


Ismaels cosmology course: Ismaels first book: Our Cosmic Origin: Knowledge in preparation for the ascension of planet earth: Follow Ismael on Instagram: @projectrestorationzion1 Follow Tiana’s Telegram: Follow Tiana’s Instagram: @tianakhalid2 Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Self-assembling vaccine clot biostructures harvest conductive metals from your blood – preliminary ICP-MS analysis results released


In today’s podcast, I discuss an interview that I conducted with Dr. Jane Ruby yesterday, in which we explored early data from new laboratory test results that analyze the elemental composition of the post-vaccine clots that are being pulled out of the bodies of the dead. Continue reading

Research shows gold nanoparticles can be used to safely kill tumor cells


This video above is from the Conners Clinic channel on

Data from ongoing research has found that gold nanoparticles can be used to heat and kill tumor cells with great precision and minimal side effects. This form of hyperthermia is called photothermal therapy and it has had very promising results for various types of cancer. Continue reading

Speak these 6 Words and Get Exactly What You Want

Big Idea #1 – It’s Scientifically Proven That Negative Words Create Stress. Stop Using Them! Continue reading

Ivermectin reduces covid-19 mortality by 92%, reports new study out of Southern Brazil… this is why the medical establishment SUPPRESSED it

A new prospective observational study that includes over 223,000 participants from Southern Brazil has found that ivermectin reduces covid-19 mortality by 92%. Ivermectin use was associated with reductions not only in COVID-19 mortality, but also in hospitalizations as well as infection rates. Continue reading

The Origins of Shamanism

Shamanism has a long and storied history, considered by some to have originated in Siberia where members of indigenous tribes would gather the sometimes poisonous and highly psychoactive fly agaric or Amanita muscaria mushroom. But when this practice was recognized and classified as shamanism, it became apparent many cultures around the world conducted similar practices.
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Wim Hof Method Guided Breathing for Beginners (3 Rounds Slow Pace)

This is a slower paced Wim Hof Method breathing exercise that starts with a 30 seconds hold building up to 90 seconds breath hold. Very suitable for beginners or anyone who prefers a more gentle guidance. Continue reading

Why Lentils And Rice Are Scientifically Delicious Together

Fun fact: Lentils are one of the first foods domesticated for human consumption. Plus, they’re really delicious. Dan deep dives into lentils and makes one of his favorite recipes, Palak Dal Continue reading

10 Minute Capoeira Workout You Should Do EVERYDAY

Will capoeira get you in shape?

Benefits Of Capoeira Workout: There are immense benefits of performing Capoeira regularly.

This exercise routine is not just good for your body but also for your personality and social grooming. A regular practice of Capoeira has the following benefits: Continue reading

The 5 Minute MIND EXERCISE That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (Your Brain Will Not Be The Same)

Much of our past programming is hardwired into our physical system. This keeps us rooted in our perceptions and behaviors, and we attract like results. This 5 minute exercise for your mind will help you develop new neural pathways that can change your life. Every thought and feeling we have strengthens the neural pathways that we have developed, which, in turn, dictates what we believe. As a result, we radiate a specific vibration that is in alignment with our beliefs and attract the things that match those beliefs into our lives. Try this 5 minute mind exercise to create and manifest more of what you want. After watching this, and doing the exercise for 30 days, your brain will not be the same.

This exercise is a modification of Dr. Henry Grayson’s technique to create new neural pathways.

The Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns. These principles are the secret formula to follow if you wish to align with your desires the way countless others have. You are a limitless creator. Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire!

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The 3 Healthiest Vegetables You Need To START EATING! | Dr. Steven Gundry

We’ve all been taught that vegetables are some of the BEST foods we can eat to support our health. While that is true, there are some that are much more beneficial than others. Dr. Gundry shares his 3 favorite vegetables that can help improve your health and longevity. From a lectin blocking vegetable to a type of green that can give you long-lasting energy, improve your digestion & metabolism, and keep you healthy as you age – you need to start incorporating these into your diet! Continue reading

Shaolin Qigong 15 Minute Daily Routine

This is the Shaolin Qigong 15 Min Daily Routine. In this video includes Warm ups, 8 Movements Shaolin Qigong BaduanJin and Massage Movements. You can apply this Routine in the Morning or in the Afternoon during Exercise time. Continue reading

Top 6 health benefits of coconut butter


Top 6 health benefits of coconut butter Continue reading