2023 World Predictions – A Year Like No Other

A look at overall energies for the New Year, what is arising, Colour Numerology for 2023, Chakras highlighted in a 7 year plus a quick look at Weather, China, War, Water events and more. Lots of support available to us through 2023 through, its a year like no other, and a great one for Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Inventors and all those who can adapt and be fluid…not a year for being stuck in old ideologies, mind sets or ‘my way or the high way’….a great year for heightened intuition and spiritual gifts to arrive but beware of ungrounded seers that have ‘the branches but not the trunk of the tree’.. great opportunity to learn discernment for all.

Be the steady mast in a changing world that is only going to speed up – but be able to flow and float through it all… an Initiatory passage is here and it will be anything but boring. Thank you to all who walked through 2022 with me – let’s raise a glass to the next 12 months and manifest in the world we seek – it starts with us.

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