9 Strange Things You will Experience if Your Third Eye is Opening – Third Eye Opening

This video explains, strange things you will experience if your third eye opens. The video also covers, what is the third eye (third eye chakra / Ajna Chakra). The third eye is a mystical invisible eye which is located on the forehead just above the junction of the eyebrows. It is also called the mind’s eye or inner eye.

On opening of the third eye strange things start to happen to you. Once your third eye opens, you can perceive the hidden world which can not be perceived by ordinary humans with their physical eyes.Physical eyes are limited as it can see only the material things but there is much more in this universe which is not in material form. Most part of it is in the energy form.

Here it is worth mentioning that by Albert Einstein’s famous Mass Energy Equivalence equation, Mass and energy are actually the same thing and are Inter-convertible but our physical eyes are designed to see mainly the material stuff. So a bigger part of the universe which is in the energy form, is not perceived by our ordinary physical eyes

As your third eye opens you get access to various mystical powers like you can read what’s going in someone’s mind, all your confusions vanish and everything becomes crystal clear to you, your intuition never fails, you feel how we all are connected and are different forms of energy, you get full control of your mind and it also becomes possible to have out of body experiences.

In spiritual world, opening of the third eye is often symbolised by the state of enlightenment. In Hinduism the third eye refers to the ajna chakra while in Buddhism it is called as the “eye of consciousness”.

According to H. P. Blavatsky, the third eye is actually the partially dormant pineal gland. Pineal gland is responsible for releasing serotonin and melatonin hormones. These two hormones are responsible for controlling our sleep patterns. Secretion of these hormones mainly depend on sunshine and moonlight. The third eye chakra is closely associated with the light. So now even the modern scientists have begun to call the pineal gland the third eye.

It is believed, that in far ancient times, humans had an actual third eye in the back of the head. This eye had physical and spiritual functions. But as humans evolved over time, because of under use, this eye sunk into what today is known as the pineal gland.

Stephen Phillips asserts that the third eye’s microscopic vision is capable of observing objects as small as quarks. Quarks are the elementary particles that combine to form subatomic particles like protons and neutrons.

Friends, here are the 9 strange signs that show your third eye is opening-

1. You feel slight pressure between your eyebrows Guys this is the first sign that you will notice, if your third eye is opening. It is the place where your third eye is located. This may feel like a light touch and sometimes this pressure may be stronger.

2. You feel frequent headaches If you are feeling headaches frequently then it is another sign of third eye opening. Initially you may feel mild and less frequent headaches but gradually both frequency and intensity will increase. Is happens because your Kundalini energy Rises and builds up near your pineal gland.

3. Your intuition has improved Your intuition power becomes so strong that you almost always can know what’s going to happen next. You will be able to take right decisions in life and avoid many unpleasant moments.

4. You become more sensitive to light and sound As your third eye starts to open, your sensitivity for light and sound increases. You find it harder to tolerate loud music and bright lights.

5. You start to observe synchronicities in your life You now start to understand that there are no coincidences in our life. You meet certain people in your life and certain events happen exactly at the right time to teach you and guide you on the right path.

6. When you close your eyes you see lights and geometrical patterns When you close your eyes and look upwards, it is very likely that you will see powerful lights and different types of geometrical patterns.

7. You become more conscious of your food As we know that food is energy. It has certain vibration and information attached to it. So you will notice sudden changes in your food choice because your body easily accepts the food having vibration that matches with your new body vibrations.

8. Your dreams are more vivid and contain hidden messages Your dreams will become more clear. Your dreams contain secret messages for you. So when you wake up, you should analyse your dreams and try to find out their hidden meanings. You may possibly see dreams about events or emotional pains from your past that need to be resolved or hints about your future.

9. You get telepathic abilities Because of this mysterious power, you would be able to sense when someone is thinking about you. You can also read the minds of other people.

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