A Beer a Day Could Keep the Doctor Away

A recent report in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology indicates people who drink beer have a 41% lower chance of developing and passing kidney stones. On the other hand, people who drink sugary colas are 23% more likely to experience that uncomfortable condition, while those who drank sugar sweetened non-cola drinks had a 33% higher risk. The study followed 194,095 adults for eight years. They were mostly middle aged and had never experienced kidney stones when it began. 4,462 developed them during the duration, and each participant was surveyed about the beverages they drank and at what frequency.

Kidney stones are one of the most the most common urinary tract disorders, affecting one in 11 Americans. Men get them more than women but women experience them, too. They are also more likely to affect overweight people.

They result from a high concentration of substances, like calcium or uric acid, in urine. These high concentrations can form solid stones, sometimes as a big as a golf ball, and are passed through urination. On the other hand, kidney stones can be very small, go unnoticed and pass without pain. A golf ball sized kidney stone, however, will be very painful.

Fluid intake is one of the best ways to prevent kidney stones but clearly it also depends on what you’re drinking. Sugary colas and sodas greatly increased risk, while other beverages substantially lowered kidney stone risk. Here are a few of the top ranked beverages to reduce the risk of kidney stones:

路 Caffeinated coffee reduced the risk by 26%

路 Decaffeinated coffee reduced risk by 16%

路 Tea reduced risk by 11%

路 Red wine reduced risk by 31%

路 White wine reduced risk by 33%

路 Orange juice reduced risk by 12%

路 Beer reduced risk by 41%

Preventative measures include reducing sodium intake, increasing fluids and now increasing certain types of fluids. Water is the easiest and healthiest way to increase fluids but it’s nice to see there are other options that produce some pretty strong results. Including a morning coffee or an evening drink into your daily routine can not only bring a little enjoyment, but it can also make you healthier! Just remember not to overdo it!

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