Aaron Rodgers’s Ayahuasca Experience

Aaron Rodgers shares his experience with Ayahuasca. How did this experience contribute to Aaron Rodgers’s life? What lessons did Aaron Rodgers learn?

In a sports world where every word and every action is scrutinized by pundits and bloggers alike, it is rare that an athlete at the top of the game shares the raw and vulnerable truth. On this unprecedented podcast, Super Bowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers opens up with radical authenticity about his challenging journey to self love, and the Ayahuasca experience that preceded his back to back MVP seasons. This is a look behind the veil of one of the greatest and most enigmatic superstars of our time, as he reclaims the narrative of his own story. Among many other topics, we discuss the necessity to see beyond the polarity of political partisanship, his actual beliefs on the pandemic, and what it means to be a leader both on and off the field. I am honored to call him a friend and brother, and grateful to share this podcast full of laughter, tears, and most importantly: heart.

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