Alchemy – Where to Begin – Introduction to the Summa Perfectionis (Sum of Perfection) Pseudo-Geber

Alchemy is one of the most difficult fields of study in Western Esotericism for a host of reasons: texts are often in ancient languages, practically encoded, full of arcane symbolism and obscure instructions. One of the most daunting tasks is even where to begin.

There are thousands of alchemical texts spread over 1500 years – which is the best starting point if you want to study alchemy? In this episode of Esoterica, we argue that the Summa Perfectionis (c. 1310) is the best answer. We explore the question of the text’s authorship, transmission, composition, alchemical theory of substance, change, and, of course, metallic transmutation.

Recommended Readings

Newman – The Summa Perfectionis of Pseudo-Geber: A Critical Edition, Translation, and Study – 978-9004094642 (ILL this one)

Summa Perfectionis (Latin Reprint of 1542 edition) – 978-0282332815 – read online –…

Works of Geber (including the Summa Perfectionis) (English translation of 1678 reprinted in 1928) 978-1162568676 – read online –…

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