Alternative Medicine For Diabetes Symptoms

In the United States, around 21 million people have been diagnosed as diabetics where regular exercise, lifestyle changes and good nutrition have been likely prescribed by physicians to regulate blood sugar levels, along with the intake of Insulin sensitizer medicines such as Avandia or the popular diabetes drug Metformin. Nonetheless, the issue of cost and the risk of side effects in the regular intake of drugs that artificially increases the body’s insulin sensitivity or limit the production of glucose by the liver, serve as drawbacks to conventional treatments. Most likely, a pre-diabetic or diabetic would be interested to know if there is an alternative medicine for diabetes symptoms. Believe it or not, there is such a thing! And alternative medicine likely holds the answer to this query.

Biochemic cell salts are natural remedies traditionally administered in the practice of homeopathy. Cell salts compose of mineral constituents that are found naturally occurring in bodily cells where a purported imbalance could lead to impaired organ or system functions; in this case the lowered insulin sensitivity of bodily tissues which is triggered by the malfunction of cellular membrane receptors.

Normal blood sugar levels arise from the maintenance of optimum blood health, proper metabolism and healthy cellular response. Consequently, 3 biochemic cell salts have been recognized essential in the upkeep of bodily cells associated with the mentioned physiological processes, particularly Kalium Sulphate, Natrium Sulphate and Calcium Phosphate. Kalium Sulphate aids in the routine oxygenation of bodily cells and tissues which helps reinforce the body’s immune system agents while the Natrium Sulphate aids in the sustenance of fluid balance with bodily cells and remove lingering toxins as well. Meanwhile, the cell salt Calcium Phosphate is a critical component of cell growth, particularly in the process of digestion and metabolism. These mineral remedies are prepared diluted with lactose powder and produced in tablet form.

As an alternative medicine for diabetes symptoms, one could choose to take individual tablets for each of the recommended cells salts or take a more holistic approach in the treatment of elevated blood sugar levels which is available in the form of standardized herbal remedy products such as the Triple Complex Diabetonic and Insulate Plus Standardized herbal remedies for diabetes symptoms would allow you to benefit from the medicinal effects of the mentioned biochemic cell salts or of component herbs with the single intake of a concentrated tablet or a veggie formula.

Lifestyles have become tremendously reshaped in the last 50 years or so. One of the more evident changes encountered by this generation involves the dramatic shift from an otherwise active to now more lethargic routines. Complement that with an unhealthy diet and the equation likely sums up to weight management problems, elevated blood glucose levels and eventually chronic cardiovascular diseases.

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