Ants Can Count

This post is a divergence of our normal Alternative Health stories, but the wonder of this is just too good to pass up.  It seems that ants can count.  Normally ants find their way to their nest or food source, by secreting a scent along the track, and when it’s time to return, they sniff their way back. Much like leaving bread crumbs to find your way back to some location.  However ants in deserts have a problem.  Smells are blown away by winds.  So how do they find their way back? 

German scientists conducted experiments which show that ants “count” their footsteps.  236 foot steps to a food source and 236 steps back to the nest.  Here is a link to an entertaining NPR radio story describing the experiment.  This Blog’s fascination of lifestyle health encompasses the world around us, and all its inhabitants.

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