Aralamb Channeled LIVE: Life-Altering Message from BEYOND | Melissa Gates Perry

Melissa Gates-Perry was born and raised in Southern Vermont. She became aware of her intuitive, psychic nature and abilities as a child. She began channeling for clients in 1993 and has since worked with hundreds of people in every part of the world.


Being Humans is Melissa’s first book that she co-wrote with her spirit guide, Aralamb. It encompasses 30 years of a relationship between them, and all of the information and life lessons that Aralamb revealed to her. Her chaotic childhood was rife with terrifying situations that Melissa had to navigate in order to survive. A talented storyteller, she included compelling personal stories of how she learned to apply Aralamb’s wisdom to her life. Being Humans is a no-holds-barred, brutally honest read threaded with life lessons, stories from her childhood, encouragement, and Aralamb’s wisdom, all offered to better understand and steer through our lives’ trials.

Melissa is a musician, writer, and intuitive channel. She happily lives in a colorful, music-filled home with her husband and their herd of chihuahuas.

Please enjoy my conversation with Melissa Gates Perry.


0:00 – Episode Teaser

1:18 – Melissa’s life prior to channeling

6:12 – How does the energy comes through while channeling?

8:59 – How does family and friends accepts Melissa’s channeling abilities?

13:01 – Trance Channeling

15:06 – What happens to a soul when they commit suicide?

24:47 – What point does the soul enter the body

28:31 – Free will vs Soul’s Blueprint

40:02 – The concept of karma

48:17 – What is co-creation?

55:13 – Living a Good Life

1:00:02 – Being Humans Book

1:00:53 – Final Message

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