Ascended Masters: Unlocking The Mysteries of the Unknown Spiritual Begins | RJ Spina

RJ Spina is a true leader and metaphysical teacher, and the world has never needed one so desperately. He has verifiably healed himself of permanent chest-down paralysis, severe chronic illness, and life-threatening conditions through his own authentic transcendence. His teachings, wisdom, guidance, and revolutionary self-healing and self-realization technique has already completely changed and saved the lives of many across the globe. He has dedicated his life to the freeing and healing of humanity on all levels.


RJ currently lives in Canandaigua, NY with his partner and their Jack Russell/Chihuahua Sophia. He is the founder and President of the non-profit, Human Advancement Through Higher Consciousness and the author of the best-selling book Supercharged Self-Healing and the upcoming book Change Your Mind (August 2023 Llewellyn Worldwide and Blackstone Audible Publishing). He teaches revolutionary self-healing and self-realization courses, performs energy healings and counsels’ people worldwide.


0:00 – Episode Teaser

2:31 – Simulation Theory

9:16 – Are Ascended Master part of our reality?

20:47 – What are Ascended Masters?

27:51 – What is dark matter? What does it mean?

36:45 – What is the remedy for thinking meditation?

41:43 – What is quantum entanglement?

47:23 – What is a belief?

1:02:40 – Master Baba Ji

1:07:01 – Living a good life

1:07:19 – Definition of God

1:07:23 – Ultimate Purpose of Life

1:07:26 – RJ’s Work 1:08:21 – Final Message

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