Athena SPEAKS! You Won’t Believe Her Channeled Message for the World | Robin Jelinek

Robin Jelinek (Channeler of Athena in Truth), for over 40 years, Robin has been pursuing a greater meaning in life. She studied metaphysics and spirituality in great depth, trying to find something, especially after her kids had grown up and moved out of the house. About 20 years ago, she experienced a kundalini awakening which is a very rare, almost out-of-body experience. It’s an experience that people have supposedly spent entire lifetimes to achieve. At about this time, the group came knocking at Robin’s door, but it took another 20 years for her to realize it.

Robin was first a wife, then a mother, and now she’s a channeler. She doesn’t view herself as being gifted or higher because information flows through her. She’s simply a vessel for the truth. She does her best to share the information with others. She must completely remove herself from the delivery and outcome. In this way, the information being brought forth can be pure spirit.

Please enjoy my conversation with Robin Jelinek.


0:00 – Episode Teaser

0:49 – Robin’s life prior to her awakening

4:38 – What happens in a Kundalini awakening?

12:32 – How do you deal with the realization that you are channeling?

17:48 – What is life like for a soul on the other side, pre incarnation?

18:53 – So what is the process of preparing for an incarnation?

19:52 – Are we creating our life’s blueprint and what is the process?

22:09 – What happens when a soul goes off track?

24:56 – Why would a soul or a eternal soul wants to incarnate?

26:10 – Can a soul live multiple lives at the same time?

26:46 – Do each of us have a destiny or purpose here that we need to discover in an incarnation?

27:48 – What happens to a soul when it decides to take its own life?

28:43 – How can we overcome fear?

30:27 – How can we connect more with the divine?

35:06 – What is the concept of karma?

36:23 – What is the concept of family karma?

39:41 – How can we co create our reality with God with source?

43:05 – What are spirit guides?

50:23 – Athena’s final message

56:27 – Living a good life

57:25 – Ultimate purpose of life

57:31 – Robin’s work

58:01 – Final Message

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