Atlantis Secret to Immortality | The Emerald Tablet & The Philosopher’s Stone

Which would you prefer? Eternal life or unlimited wealth? How about both?

For that, you need The Philosopher’s Stone: known throughout the history of alchemy as a substance that can turn base metals into gold, and grant you eternal life.

The Book of Aquarius contains the instructions for The Philosopher’s Stone. Although the process can take years, the ingredients are simple. You have them in your home right now. The Book of Aquarius is derived from many older texts. Including one very mysterious artifact: The Emerald Tablet; which contains not only the recipe for immortality but the secret to everything in the universe.

This knowledge has been around for centuries but has been suppressed. Until now.

Medieval alchemists received this knowledge from the Arabs a thousand years ago. The Arabs got it from the Egyptians two thousand years before that.

But the Egyptians received this knowledge 36,000 years ago. From the most advanced culture on Earth. The Emerald Tablet comes from Atlantis.

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