Believe Your Way to Better Vision

Remember seven or eight years ago when the power of positive energy was all the rage? Led by books like The Secret, the philosophy preached that if you want something and visualize having it, it will eventually be yours. If you dispensed positive energy upon the universe, it would get back to you in some way, shape, or form.

Say what you want about The Secret but the power of positive energy does have positive effects on your health. One of the areas where this is most pronounced is eyesight.

As you get older, your eyesight will likely get worse. However, simply believing your sight is better can actually improve it. A Harvard study in 2010 proved that if you believe you can see better, you actually do see better.

Vision isn’t all about your eyes; your brain plays a key role in what you see and what you think you’re seeing. Researchers in the Harvard experiment tested subjects with a classic vision test: reading letters from an eye chart. Some were traditional with a big letter at the top, while others were shown in reverse, featuring a small letter first. The subjects who read the scores in reverse scored significantly higher reading the smaller letters, and those leading the study say it’s because they expected to read the top line. Their belief that the first letter is the easiest affected their ability to see it.

As a youngster, my brother was prescribed a set of glasses. He wore them from the age of four or five up until he was about fourteen. The decision to stop wearing them, however, didn’t come from a doctor; he decided on his own. He just stopped wearing them one day because he believed he didn’t need them. A few months later he went back to the eye doctor and they confirmed his belief-he didn’t need to wear glasses!

Maintaining a positive outlook is a good way to approach life, but we can all agree it takes a little more than wishful thinking to get results. However, when it comes to eyesight, it looks like confidence and positive vibes are enough to make real change.

If you’ve been wearing glasses for a long time and have poor vision, I wouldn’t recommend throwing your glasses away just yet. Instead, go online and take some vision tests to start training your eyes-and your brain-to improve. Practice for a couple of weeks and then go see your eye doctor. Ask him to administer the test in reverse and see how you do!

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