Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 10, 2023 – ASSUME CRASH POSITIONS because it’s all coming down

– The collapse is accelerating on all fronts: finance, culture, energy, war

– Depositors pulled $65 billion out of US banks in just one week

– Maternity wards are closing across the country as depopulation accelerates

– $1.5 trillion in commercial real estate debt will collapse many banks

– Huge crash in commercial real estate now imminent: Up to 40% price collapse

– ECB president LaGarde says CBDCs will be used to control people

– Texas may launch a gold-backed digital currency to compete with the collapsing dollar

– Why people are FLEEING Portland, Oregon in record numbers

– The trans agenda to cause violence and chaos across America

– Why corporate brands are committing SUICIDE to push trans lunacy

– Leaked military documents prove the USA is planning to start WWIII

Time codes

0:00 End Times

12:02 Rubik’s Cube

16:57 Shootings

23:30 GOLD-BACKED digital currency

28:40 Digital Currency

36:56 Commercial Property

41:20 Twitter vs Substack

49:40 Depopulation

1:00:05 McDonald’s

1:01:18 US Secrets

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