Cancer NIGHTMARE unleashed on the world through both SARS-CoV-2 gain-of-function and the mRNA “vaccine” injections, warns Dr. Cottrell

In today’s episode of Brighteon Broadcast News (see links below), we feature Dr. Paul Cottrell with a detailed technical explanation of why both SARS-CoV-2 (the bioweapon developed by the DoD and handed to China) and the mRNA covid “vaccine” injections are unleashing a wave of cancer across the world.

It turns out that elements from the spike protein suppress the body’s innate anti-cancer immune system mechanisms, effectively raising the “cancer risk curve” for everyone exposed to covid or the vaccine. (This includes those onto whom vaxxed people have been shedding spike protein fragments.)

At the same time, other properties of the virus and the vaccine promote mutagenesis via chromosomal damage, due in part to RNA fragments causing havoc with the body’s normal cellular functions.

We cover this and much more in today’s BBN episode, also featuring a pro-humanity message to the people of Russia and Ukraine. Here’s a summary of what’s in the episode:

– Correction on the imminent pardon of Sgt. Daniel Perry
– A pro-humanity message from Americans to the PEOPLE of Russia and Ukraine
– Compost food growing challenge accepted
– Extended interview with Dr. Paul Cottrell
– Why CANCER rates are skyrocketing: SARS-CoV-2 and the jab
– How the vaccine suppresses immune function and allows cancer to take over
– Depopulation is already under way
– Huge economic damage from the cancer epidemic now emerging
– The war for the future: Centralization vs. DECENTRALIZATION






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