Healing superfoods: 4 Natural remedies for aches and pains


If you frequently experience minor body aches and pains, it might be better to use natural remedies instead of over-the-counter pain (OTC) medications that are often linked to many adverse effects. Continue reading

The SYNBIO “Borgification” infiltration of the human race: It’s WAY beyond infertility and depopulation… humans are HOSTING a nano-scale computational PLATFORM

http:// “SynBio” means synthetic biology. If a corporation develops a gene-altering technology that gets injected into your body and permanently alters your chromosomes to be something other than fully human, they have turned you into a part-synthetic organism. Under existing US law and court precedent, that corporation may have an intellectual property claim to your physical body, which would make you a slave to that corporation. Continue reading

Cleanse the liver in 3 days-

A miracle recipe that will allow you to lose weight and live healthy and beautiful All the dirt will come out of your body! Grandma’s old recipe! useful for everyone Continue reading

Do this to cure impotence | Dr Hansaji Yogendra

Conditions like Impotency and erectile dysfunction have become lifestyle diseases. The stagnant lifestyle today has done nothing but added to this condition adversely. Continue reading

Home Recipe For Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) || homemade quinine || HCQ is nothing but quinine take zinc


Dr. Mindy Pelz, | Fasting, Autophagy, Detox, Metabolism | Ep. 150

Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast, our guest today we Dr Mindy Pelz. She is a functional health expert. She specializes in women’s health, fasting, and detoxing. There is so much info for men and women, although we are talking a lot about Women fasting, and diet health relating to their cycle. Having data on women is helpful and is usually less available. We talk about coffee. We talk about wine and chocolate. We talk about so many different things that can really help with your health and help with your hormones. At the route of all of it are these sex hormones. This is information is something that will serve you well for the rest of your life. There is so much benefit in fasting. I am about ready to go do myself a long fast, because she talked me into it. Continue reading

Anti-Viral Immunity Smoothie

8 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRINKS | to enjoy for health & wellness

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJx-f_VZK2c Continue reading

Atheist Discovers She’s A Spiritual Soldier During Her Near Death Like Experience -JeffMara Podcast

Podcast guest 588 is Betty Guadagno who was a militant atheist that discovered during her NDE like experience that she is a spiritual soldier. Continue reading

This gut-healthy turmeric ginger lemonade can naturally relieve inflammation

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Friendly Bacteria: Why You Really Need And how it Helps – Dr.Berg

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about friendly bacteria (Flora) and their necessary functions. Continue reading

Detox Your Body in 3 Steps | Subah Saraf

Ayurveda explains that the root cause of any disease is the accumulation of toxins in the body, whether it’s excess weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, PCOD, stones, cysts, or any other chronic disease. No disease can survive in a body that is clean internally. This video explains three powerful methods to remove these toxins, cleanse your body and consequently, lose weight, cure disease, have clearer skin and greater energy. Continue reading

Is This the Most Powerful Superfood On the Planet?

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HEALTHY FOODS That Heal The Body, Starve Cancer & PREVENT DISEASE! | Dr. William Li & Lewis Howes

William W. Li, MD, is a world-renowned physician, scientist, speaker, and author of EAT TO BEAT DISEASE – The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself. He is best known for leading the Angiogenesis Foundation. His groundbreaking work has impacted more than 70 diseases including cancer, diabetes, blindness, heart disease, and obesity. Continue reading