10 Things that will still work after an electromagnetic pulse attack


Preppers know that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is one of the most devastating doomsday scenarios that they may have to face after SHTF. Continue reading

Blind For 15 Years She Now Has 20/20 Vision And Sees Her Grandchildren For the First Time

A woman left blind for 15 years has finally regained her sight after a life-changing operation.

Doctors believed 59-year-old Connie had glaucoma when she rapidly began to lose her eyesight over a decade ago. But then an ophthalmologist diagnosed cataracts in 2018—one of the most common and treatable adult vision issues. Continue reading

Flying Car Completes First-Ever Flight Between Airports –Then Transforms Back into a Sports Car in 3 Minutes

Let the bells ring out in every direction from Toledo to Tokyo. Flying cars—the vision of transportation from science-fiction writers—may finally be landing in the modern world. Continue reading

Israeli Driverless Car Technology Tackles Corona ‘Threat Detection’

Israeli company specializing in driverless car technology is developing new system to enable mass screening for detection of COVID-19 symptoms by using cameras and artificial intelligence. Continue reading

How Many People Die Each Day?

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the media continues to rattle off statistics at full force. Continue reading

How to make DIY antibacterial hand sanitizer using non-toxic ingredients

Throughout America, many worried shoppers are stocking up on essential items to prepare for possible supply shortages and extended community lockdown because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Aside from food, buyers are also looking for important items like cleaning supplies, rubbing alcohol, soap and hand sanitizer. Continue reading

Israeli Device Lets Disabled Control Smartphones, Wheelchairs with Their Tongues

For people with limited or no hand mobility, this Israeli innovation puts the power of the tongue to good use. Continue reading

Is There Anything You Can Do to Prevent Deaths on the Road?


  • Nearly 18,000 automotive accidents occur every day in the U.S., on average. This frequency multiplied by the low severity still amounted to nearly 37,000 automotive fatalities in 2018
  • Of all drivers killed in U.S. automotive accidents in 2017, 18% occurred on a freeway, which is actually lower than expected. In fact, there are more drivers killed in intersections (20%) than on freeways
  • The primary conditions that lead to road fatalities are: alcohol, speeding and distraction leading to a loss of control or contact with another vehicle. Avoid these risk factors to improve your chances of not becoming a statistic on the road
  • Remember that even though you’ve driven countless times without a scratch, it does not give you a pass to be more complacent and lose your focus. Always take safety measures every time you get behind the wheel

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