BREAKING POINT – Episode 1 – Financial Collapse – Brighteon Documentary

Episode 1 of the 12-part Breaking Point documentary series from and Mike Adams. This episode covers financial collapse and features top currency and finance experts. More episodes will be posted at and other video platforms at the rate of about one each week. Continue reading

Gregg Braden – Element Th 90: A Bridge to the Future… The Untold Story of Green Energy

You are watching a preview of Gregg Braden’s brand new Masterclass Series A 5-YEAR GUIDE TO YOUR FUTURE, brought to you by Humanity’s Team & Gregg Braden. Please note; this video consists of two modules preview. To learn more about Gregg Braden’s brand-new Masterclasses Series, pls follow these links:… – ‘Five Year Guide’ Masterclass… – ‘Forbidden Science’ Masterclass… – ‘Technology, Consciousness & Evolution’ Masterclass Continue reading

Phreakazoid Pfizer executive goes BERSERK when confronted by Project Veritas over HIS OWN claims of virus mutation research and vaccine profiteering

In a truly shocking revelation from Project Veritas, a Pfizer executive brags on camera about the company’s “directed evolution” of COVID for profiting from vaccines. He says, “COVID is going to be a cash cow for us” and then brags about hiding this fact from the public while describing, “selective structured mutations to make [COVID strains] more potent.” Continue reading

Emergency broadcast with John Perez as SWIFT system moves against CRYPTO giants

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Stellar, LOBSTR & The Quantum Financial System

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OPERATION SANDMAN now activated – Saudi Arabia announces END of dollar dominance in global oil trade … the dominoes begin to fall on the US empire

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11/17/2022 QSI + Nick Declas on The Fed-Central Banks-and CBDCs All Under White Hat Control

– history of the Federal Reserve and how they and Central Banks created market crashes to profit off shorting the economy and then bailed themselves out using governmental authority with self-created regulation and taxpayer money. Rinse and repeat money laundering to epic proportions Continue reading

ALEX JONES [FULL] Sunday 1/8/23 • Brazilians Storm Capital-Joe Biden Visits Texas Border

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China replaces “zero covid” policy with “zero non-covid” in confusing attempt to save economy

As it teeters on the verge of collapse, the Chinese economy is the Xi Jinping regime’s top priority as it concludes three years of “zero covid” policies. Continue reading