The Complete Guide to Manifestation and Visualization with Lee Holden

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How to Awaken the Chakras: Introduction to Kundalini Energy (Ep. 1)

An in-depth guide to understand the process of awakening the Chakras and Kundalini. This series consists of 9 episodes providing deep insights into the nature of each chakra and practices to activate them consciously. Areas covered are science, psychology, energy work, Astral projection, telepathy, Christianity, Ancient Egypt, esoteric symbolism and more. Discover the power of the cosmos that’s expressed as 7 manifestations of intelligence within you Continue reading

How to Practice Sexual Alchemy / White Tantra / Karmamudra / Karezza Explained (Awaken Kundalini)

A guide to white tantric sacred sexuality based on the ancient universal principles of gnosis throughout all traditions. Discover how to really awaken the fires of Kundalini through avoiding orgasm in sex, and understand why this practice is the secret key to enlightenment and the divine awakening of consciousness. Continue reading

Adamus St. Germain Speaks! Channeled Wisdom That Changes Lives with Geoffrey Hoppe | Next Level Soul

In this video, I’m sharing with you a powerful channeled message from Adamus Saint Germain. Channel Geoffrey Hoppe has skillfully interpreted this message, which will surely improve your life! Continue reading

What animal kills the most humans? Here’s the unexpected predator and how to protect yourself.

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You will never see a fly or mosquito in your house again 15 seconds after doing this watching the above video

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What HAPPENS If You Eat Peanuts EVERYDAY For 30 Days? | Dr. Steven Gundry

We’ve all heard before that too much of one thing is NEVER good for you. But could that be true for peanuts? In this episode, Dr. Gundry shares the TRUTH about peanuts that all you peanut butter lovers should know. There are many misconceptions about food regarding your health, especially peanuts, so today Dr. Gundry will get to the bottom of whether this popular snack is truly good for you. Continue reading

Is Our Reality A Simulated Copy Of Somewhere Else Like The Matrix?

Jason is one of the only researchers in the world who specializes in ancient chronological systems and believes that an analysis of the histories of the world exhibits a perfect mathematical construct that we are living inside.  This, he calls the Simulacrum. Continue reading

Ancient Aliens: The Star Children (S7, E3) | Full Episode

On every continent, there are stories of children who “stand out” for their strange abilities and advanced knowledge. They are said to have knowledge of things they shouldn’t or couldn’t know. Continue reading

BREAKING POINT – Episode 1 – Financial Collapse – Brighteon Documentary

Episode 1 of the 12-part Breaking Point documentary series from and Mike Adams. This episode covers financial collapse and features top currency and finance experts. More episodes will be posted at and other video platforms at the rate of about one each week. Continue reading

He Astral Travelled into Parallel Universes and was Shown the ULTIMATE HOPE for all MANKIND

Garnet will reveal secrets gleaned from the astral plane, including timeless wisdom from Ascended Masters, startling insights into parallel universes, a glimpse at a star-travelling human civilization that has eradicated all violence and abuse on their planet, and a recap of his dialogue with Gaia, the consciousness of Mother Earth. Continue reading

How to Experience Authentic Self-Healing and Self-Actualization

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Gregg Braden – Element Th 90: A Bridge to the Future… The Untold Story of Green Energy

You are watching a preview of Gregg Braden’s brand new Masterclass Series A 5-YEAR GUIDE TO YOUR FUTURE, brought to you by Humanity’s Team & Gregg Braden. Please note; this video consists of two modules preview. To learn more about Gregg Braden’s brand-new Masterclasses Series, pls follow these links:… – ‘Five Year Guide’ Masterclass… – ‘Forbidden Science’ Masterclass… – ‘Technology, Consciousness & Evolution’ Masterclass Continue reading

It’s Like A Miracle, All Your Energy Blockage Will Be Cleared In Few Days | Chunyi Lin

Are you looking for natural solutions to get rid of toxins in your Body? Watch the video to learn about some incredible exercises that can help you detox your Body and improve your overall health and well-being. Continue reading

Unlocking the Akashic Records & Discover Your Soul’s Purpose with Laura Coe | Next Level Soul

Laura Coe was born in Chicago, Illinois. She found her calling in philosophy, which she studied at Brandeis, as well as in graduate school at Tufts University. After realizing she didn’t want to pursue academia, she became a healthcare tech entrepreneur. After selling her company in 2006, she came back to her philosophical roots and wrote Emotional Obesity, as well as hosted the popular podcast, The Art of Authenticity. Continue reading