Weather weapons are targeting human infrastructure, aiming for Extinction Level Event (ELE) via mass famine and collapse


Today’s Situation Update podcast covers the weaponization of weather systems to target human infrastructure. It is over two hours in length and features interviews with Dane Wigington (see below) as well as a first responder on the ground in Central Florida. Continue reading

Master Yogi Sri M On Scary Encounter With A REAL Yeti, The Kundalini & The Nagas | TheRanveerShow236

0:00 – Introduction 5:25 – Meeting Maheshwarnath Babaji & his journey 12:20 – Spiritual Journey 30:19 – Kriya Yoga 35:58 – Higher beings 49:18 – On Kundalini 59:17 – Ramana Maharshi 1:01:46 – Lord Shiva 1:07:39 – Time & Reality 1:11:46 – Pineal Gland 1:17:54 – Meeting A Yeti 1:23:10 – The Nagas 1:29:00 – End of the podcast Continue reading

ANALYSIS: Europe to become “ECONOMIC WASTELAND” as industry dies, banks fail and food production plunges


Europe’s economy, currencies and industries are in free fall, plunging toward “economic wasteland” status that’s less than a year away if natural gas supplies from Russia aren’t quickly restored. That’s the conclusion of numerous experts who have spoken to Natural News over the last two weeks, including war correspondent Michael Yon, Finnish economist Tuomas Malinen, global agricultural trends researcher David Dubyne, and Italian-American author Leo Zagami. Continue reading

“It Will Connect You to the SUPREME ENERGY”

“Learn this language and you’ll connect to the supreme energy” Continue reading

Here’s How Much a New Monthly Mortgage Will Cost

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Mortgage rates topped 6 percent last week for the first time since 2008 Continue reading

Water, Radiation & Healing Yourself

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Terrifying Signals from Parallel Universes That Scientists Can Not Explain

In the past decade, an extraordinary claim proposing the presence of a parallel universe has been captivating the cosmologists and scientists around the world. As it turns out the expanding universe we see around us, may not be the only one or the only version. Continue reading

The Five Elements in your hands || Did you know series!!

I am an author, a speaker, a teacher of meditation for the Art of Living, a Personal Coach & a fitness enthusiast.

I specialise in creating interventions that promote physical, mental and emotional Wellbeing for individuals and teams. Continue reading

We Might Be Living in Higher Dimensions Unknowingly

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Foraging 101: 10 Wild nuts to forage every Fall


Nuts are delicious and nutritious. And when SHTF, wild nuts can be a great source of plant-based protein. Continue reading

The Globalist WAR on the Elements of Life – watch the bombshell new mini-documentary HERE


We’ve just released a bombshell new mini-documentary that reveals the globalist war on the elements of life. You can watch it at this link on or play the embed below. Continue reading

COVID vaccines appear to be making people HYPER sensitive to POX, allergies and food toxins such as aflatoxins


As even Tedros of the W.H.O. now openly discusses, monkeypox primarily strikes gay men who have multiple sex partners. However, there’s an aspect of this monkeypox outbreak that isn’t yet recognize by most: The fact that 96% of LGBT individuals have received covid vaccines. This means that nearly all gay men currently suffering from monkeypox are also “vaccinated” — or, technically, injected with experimental gene altering mRNA concoctions. Continue reading

Cold fusion (LENR) commercial breakthrough could END food and energy scarcity around the world


Despite the persistent attempts by criminal governments and arrogant academics to crush the field of cold fusion, a commercial breakthrough has just been announced that marks a revolution for the future of our world. The Brillouin Energy Corp. has announced a breakthrough Hydrogen Hot Tube (HHT) Boiler System which uses solid-state low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) to produce controlled excess heat through the fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium, releasing no emissions, no radiation and no “spent” radioactive fuel material like what we see in the nuclear power industry Continue reading

Prepping with pets: 27 Plants that are poisonous to dogs


Most commercial pet foods are not only junk, they are actually not made out of FOOD. The same principles that apply to human nutrition applies to pets. It should be nutrient-dense, non-toxic and made with wholesome, clean ingredients. There are no pet food safety laws in the US and pet food manufacturers are not required to reveal what is actually in their products. And when you hear the truth, it’s horrifying and repulsive. Join me for this very enlightening conversation with Susan Thixton, founder of the web site and learn what you need to know to keep your pets safe and healthy.
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