15-Minute MORNING STRETCHING | Qigong Daily Routine for Neck, Back, Shoulders

This is the 15-Minute Qigong Daily Routine for Stretching the whole body. This Routine will help you to Stretch Body, Strengthen Neck, Back and Shoulders, and improve your health. Continue reading

Just Use This & Your All Energy Blockages Will Be Cleared in 3 Seconds | Chunyi Lin

In this video, chunyi lin shares a powerful process to help you quickly remove energy blocks from your body and feel good again. Continue reading

Just Use This & Your All Energy Blockages Will Be Cleared In 7 Days | Shi Heng Yi

Shaolin Luohan Style Qi Gong (Shi San Shi Luohan) is a set of 13 postures/movements that was developed, after contemplating and imitating different forms and expressions of the famous 13 Luohan (Arhat) of Shaolin. Continue reading

A BETTER Way to Lose Flabby Cellulite on Your Hips, Thighs and Buttocks – Dr. Berg

Continue reading

Your All Energy Blockages Will Be Cleared , If you Do this 3 Days | Chunyi Lin

Qigong is an essential branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine known as “Chinese Yoga” and has some striking similarities to Tai Chi, as both apply to Qi and health. Through practice, body movements, breathing techniques, sound, meditation, and mental functioning are used to work directly on Qi – our life force. Millions are made worldwide. Regular exercise can completely change your life, well-being, and lifestyle. It enables self-healing and enhances our ability to look inside and see our true potential Continue reading

Jacinto Bonilla (83 years old). He defied old age and won. Motivation. Sport.

This is Jacinto Bonilla, he is 83 years old. He was born on July 3, 1939, this year he will be 84 years old, but he is in great shape, strong, hardy and will give odds to many young people! Jacinto has been active all his life, but when he turned 67, he thought to himself – it’s time to start lifting weights if I want to live longer. By that time, he already had problems with his prostate, back, joints and needed to do something about it. Jacinto first entered the crossfit gym in 2006 at the age of 67, put his health in order, built a great body and soon gained thousands of fans and hundreds of students. Continue reading

20 Min Yoga Flow for Total Body Transformation | Balance, Strength, & Tranquility

This class was designed to transform your mind and body. With each pose, you’ll be guided to cultivate mindfulness and connect deeply with your breath, helping you to find a sense of peace and clarity. Continue reading

Fast Morning Exercises for Full Body

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HEAL Lower Back, Shoulders, Hips | Qigong Daily Routine to BEGIN YOUR DAY (10 Min)

10 Mintute-Qigong Daily Routine to Begin Your Day. This Routine will help you to Relax and Heal your Neck, Lower Back, and Hips. Continue reading

PRESS THESE 3 POINTS DAILY for A Healthy Life | Qigong Basic Acupressure Daily ( 4K Close Up)

This is the Qigong Basic Acupressure Daily. Press These 3 Acupressure Points daily, press ( and release ) each point in 60 Seconds will help you to maintain healthy and happy life. You can apply this Qigong Routine 5 Minutes after Qigong daily Routine, right before going to bed or anytime that you need to rest and relax your body and mind. Continue reading

Do This 11 Minute Workout First Thing In The Morning

My morning stretches for improved mobility. Stretching helps conditions tendons and muscles, increases flexibility, can prevent injury and actually leads to greater strength. Stretching is also a way to calm the mind. A morning stretch generally involves slow movements and encourages you to focus on one area of your body. The Best Morning Stretches for Men, upper back Stretch, physical therapy plans, Best Stretching Exercises To Make You as Flexible, Benefits of Bodyweight Exercise, Dynamic stretches, Static stretches, cool down, Morning stretches for runners, morning stretches, your flexibility and increase your mobility. Continue reading

10 Min Morning Exercise Routine for Beginners At Home

This 20 wake-up exercise workout routine takes less than 10 minutes. Feel energised and ready to start your day every morning. Continue reading


Are you ready to discover the secrets behind the World’s Healthiest Island? Join me as I take you on a journey to OKINAWA, JAPAN, a place where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth. With the longest life expectancy in Japan, and Japan having the highest life expectancy in the world, Okinawa stands out as a true paradise for longevity and wellness. It’s normal for people to live well past 100 years old! In this video, I’ll be sharing my personal experience of exploring the island and discovering the reasons behind the exceptional health and longevity of the people living here. Continue reading

5 Minutes Arm Workout For Toning | How To Lose Arm Fat

An incredible 5 minute arm workout that will tone and sculpt like never before. If you struggling to lose extra arm fat or simply looking for a way to gain more lean muscle definition, well this workout is for you! Without having to use any weight resistance or other props, we will use the force of gravity to do this super quick and effective upper body workout that will make you feel the burn in under 5 minutes. Continue reading