Supportive Role of Homeopathy for Corneal Ulcer

Supportive Role of Homeopathy for Corneal Ulcer

Corneal ulcer refers to an open sore or erosion forming on the cornea. Cornea is a transparent part covering the front portion of the eye including pupil, iris and the anterior chamber. Homeopathy for corneal ulcer can help manage the signs and symptoms and halt further progression of the condition.

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Italian MDs Study Results on Homeopathic Treatment of 50 COVID-19 Patients None of Whom Needed Hospitalization

Symptomatic COVID-19 positive and likely patients treated by homeopathic physicians – an Italian descriptive study

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Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Joint Pains

In the age of diagnosis where every illness gets slotted into a diagnosis, some set of symptoms just go undiagnosed. Most of the pains in joints have some diagnosis or the other, but quite a few tend to go undiagnosed. This is where homeopathy has a big role to play; homeopathic remedies for joint pains work on a symptom-based system of medicine and the prescription does not get affected by the scientific diagnosis. In this article, I am trying to cover all aspects of joint pains according to their symptoms and their indicated remedies. Continue reading