Millennial deaths up another 36% in August, says Ed Dowd


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Equity investment executive Ed Dowd appeared on Steve Bannon’s “The War Room” recently to discuss excess mortality in the post-Operation Warp Speed age. One of the things he revealed is that deaths among 25-to-44-year-olds increased another 36 percent in August – and this is on top of an 84 percent increase during the final four months of 2021. Continue reading

They never learn: French citizens turning in guns by the thousands as government demands disarmament of the people

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As Americans know, the surest way to create a tyrannical government is to ensure the general public has no means to resist authoritarian measures. Continue reading

Open Your Third Eye Chakra for Spiritual Awakening – Pineal Gland Activation | Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza Pineal Gland – Third Eye Activation Chakra that can change your life completely. Joe Dispenza explains what happens when the pineal gland is activated and how to activate it. Continue reading

SG Anon Reveals Major Execution. Military Ready

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Dr Joe Dispenza | Healing Disease, Consciousness, 5D, Miracles | Ep. 169

Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. On the show today is Dr Joe Dispenza, who really needs no introduction. Dr Joe Dispenza has an amazing talent of teaching people how to get beyond their body. He really helps people make that transition. Continue reading

What the Church & Religion Don’t Want You To Know | Garnet Schulhauser

Welcome to the Next Level Soul Podcast with Alex Ferrari, where we ask the big questions about life. Why are we here? Is this all there is? What is my soul’s mission? We attempt to answer those questions and more by bringing you raw and inspiring conversations with some of the most fascinating and thought-provoking guests on the planet today. New episodes of Next Level Soul air every Friday anywhere you listen to podcasts. Let’s take your SOUL to the next level. Continue reading

A Message from my Extraterrestrial Family… A Lifelong Encounter with the Unexplained

The journey of my consciousness through many worlds and how they overlap. The gifts were given to me and my son by the High Council before each of our births to get through earth life. They would be our protective coats of armour while on this planet and we would need them. This presentation concludes with a special message from Ruth Ann. Continue reading

Fall Asleep In MINUTES! Sleep Talk-Down Guided Meditation Hypnosis for Sleeping

A beautiful guided sleep meditation that will have you falling asleep in minutes! This is a sleep talk down hypnosis to help you release the day behind you and to fall asleep. Calm your mind and improve your sleep with this  sleep guided meditation Continue reading

Special Channeled Message from Sara Landon – Most Powerful Change Created Through Consciousness!

In this message, Sara & The Council will share with you: *You are seeing that the entire human family is looking at the potential and the opportunity to transcend judgment. Continue reading

Secret 10-Year Mission to an Alien Planet 40 Light Years Away | Project Serpo

What if you were offered the opportunity to visit another planet?

You get to experience the culture of an alien race, explore a new world; see and use technology that’s 5,000 years ahead of ours. Would you do it?

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WHO pandemic treaty in FINAL stages, would unleash GLOBAL medical DICTATORSHIP


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3:17 Breaking News

35:17 WHO pandemic treaty

55:06 Dr. Francis Boyle Continue reading

In Her New Future … Blessing Her Past

“I love the person I am now. I love life. And I don’t know if I would be who I am if I didn’t go through all of that.” Continue reading

World Premiere: Died Suddenly

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.
They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history. Continue reading


There is a perception among some people and influencers that Gregg Braden supports Transhumanism. Here is what Gregg had to say about it. Continue reading

David Adair – The Twelve Sites on the Moon Where NASA Told Us Not To Go To!

David Adair in Manchester, UK: Awakening Expo Anniversary Triple – Feature Release Special: The Secret Life of an Astronaut, The Twelve Sites on the Moon Where NASA Told Us Not To Go To, and the Future of Space Fairing. David Adair is an internationally recognized expert in space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. Continue reading