The Sirian Blue White Collective brought forward a message for 2023 that was originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence: Predictions Issue 2023.  It is titled 2023 A YEAR OF CATALYTIC CHANGE. The message speaks of a highly transitional year with a strong awareness of the compass needed to navigate these evolutionary changes! Continue reading

Dolores Cannon on Breaking Soul Contracts and Getting Off Karmic Wheel #dolorescannon

Never hold on to any negative emotions. Let them go. Release them with love. Give yourself the permission to move on to create the life you want. Continue reading

Pineal Gland Activation & Decalcification, Remove ALL Negative Energy, Deep Sound, 528Hz

The frequency of 528Hz helps to restore and transform our DNA, heal our DNA and increase our life energy level, help us to clear our mind, increase our awareness, create and open us to experience. deeper spiritual experience. When using this frequency with clear intention such as relaxation, meditation, concentration work, study, etc., this frequency can bring about miracles.

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Sleep Hypnosis for Clearing Subconscious Anxiety – Ultra Deep Mind Calm

If you’ve ever felt any anxiety, stress, worry, or overthinking at bedtimes or asked yourself what can help me sleep, then I have created this sleep hypnosis for clearing subconscious anxiety just for you. Discover your ultimate in deep calm, as you allow this enhanced sleep meditation to re-program your subconscious mind for pure relaxation, for feelings of total safety and self protection, and for your powerfully unwinding, blissfully calming, ultra deep sleep. Continue reading

This Was Kept Secret By Great Peoples, Do This Daily for 2 Min | Dr. Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza discusses what thoughts we must fire and wire in our brain, as well as what we think when we get out of bed. Feeling grateful is the most important aspect of our lives. We must first learn how to uninstall the bad memories that have occurred in the past and install all the possible outcomes into our lives. We must first feel successful before it actually comes to us. Continue reading

They Won’t Tell You This – How To REPROGRAM Yourself with Bruce Lipton | Next Level Soul

During his early research work at Stanford, he started to realize that what scientists were learning and teaching others about genetics and genetic determinism was faulty. He came to understand that we are in fact the masters, not the victims of our genes. Ostracized by his peers early on for his pioneering work, Bruce was finally vindicated when 23 years later in the early 1990s, his work in Epigenetics became recognized by modern science. Continue reading

Guided Sleep Meditation to Attract BIG MIRACLES in Your Life

How to attract big miracles in your life: Use this guided meditation prior to sleeping. Set your intention and wake up to a new way of living. Calm your mind and improve your sleep with your FREE sleep guided meditation. Continue reading

Empower Yourself & Raise Your Vibration with Dr. Macklin

Dr. Christopher Macklin, spiritual and metaphysical lecturer, author, and remote viewer who shares his insights in the fields of spirituality, health and wellness, and the paranormal. Born as a highly aware psychic child in Chester, England, Continue reading


This relaxing meditation let you dive deeply into relaxation like diving into warm pure water. Theta wave sounds will surround you and make you feel even more comfortable. This is one of Dr Joe Dispenza’s most relaxing meditations – perfect for listening before going to bed, while sleeping or just during the day to calm down. Continue reading

Fall Asleep In MINUTES! Sleep Talk-Down Guided Meditation Hypnosis for Sleeping

A beautiful guided sleep meditation that will have you falling asleep in minutes! This is a sleep talk down hypnosis to help you release the day behind you and to fall asleep. Calm your mind and improve your sleep with this  sleep guided meditation Continue reading

Dolores Cannon: Finding Your True Self

Where did I come from? Why am I here? What is my mission, my purpose? Explore the answers to these questions with Dolores Cannon, recognized as a pioneer in the field of past-life regression. (This is an excerpt from a lecture given by Dolores Cannon at the 2012 Transformation Conference.) Continue reading

Secrets Of The Universe, Christianity and Society

Podcast guest 630 is Aage Nost, and we talked about some secrets of society and the of universe. Aage is an Author, On-air personality, seasoned aircraft pilot, hypnotherapist, UFO researcher and cosmic explorer. A student of many sciences including metaphysics, theoretical physics and different forms and theories of spirituality. Aage also hosts a weekly show at The Universal Consciousness Show. Continue reading

Guided Past Life Regression Meditation by Brian Weiss

The MEDITATION REGRESSION helps you discover and learn meditation and regression techniques. The meditations utilize powerful imagery to promote physical, mental, and spiritual healing and renewal; profound relaxation; and deeper self-understanding. Continue reading

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy | Suzanne Robichaud, RCH

This is one of many Past Life Regression sessions I was given when I went to school for Hypnotherapy. I hope you enjoy it. I encourage you to let go of expectations, don’t try, just let it happen. Continue reading

The SHOCKING TRUTH You Must Hear… | Dolores Cannon

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