OBE Realm Explorer Talks About THE END Of The Simulation.The Nature Of Reality & More!

Darius J. Wright, prolific OBE explorer, delving into different dimensions and unlocking the secrets of the unseen realms through the out of body state. With deep insights into the nature of reality, Darius teaches and speaks publicly about accessing the other side and awakening dormant abilities within all of us. Continue reading

Channeling for Beginners: How to Channel & Connect with Your Spirit Guides | Daniel Scranton

Daniel Scranton is a verbal channel, spiritual teacher, and sound healer. He has channeled the 12th-dimensional, non-physical collective known as The Creators since the Fall of 2010. Since then, a wide array of other guides and collectives have spoken through him. Some of those include Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Quan Yin, Yeshua, The Hathors, The High Council of Seven, and The Council. He also discovered an ability to channel light languages and healing overtones, and he has used this ability to help others heal themselves and manifest the reality they desire. Continue reading

Unlock Creativity, Increase Intuition & Learn Faster Using The Silva Ultramind Technique | Vishen

In this powerful talk, Vishen Lakhiani shares the transformative power of the Silva Method, a technique that first impacted his life and led to incredible success stories Continue reading

12 Archangels Channeled LIVE! Life-Altering CHANGE is Coming | Belinda Womack

Belinda Womack has been a clear messenger for the 12 Archangels for 30 years. She is the author of the best-selling book, “Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life.” A prolific channel for the teachings of the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun, she offers a multitude of online courses, advanced training, and the 12 Archangels Community Membership. Continue reading

Near Death Experiencer Channels Steve Jobs!

Near-death experience guest 773 is Stephanie Patel, former attorney who had had 2 NDEs and a giant spiritually transformative experience that totally turned her world upside down. Continue reading

Clear Your Mind Blocks With This 40 Minutes Hypnosis Session | Marisa Peer

Make the power of positive self-talk stronger than ever in this hypnotherapy session 🔥. But first… Continue reading

Prophet Muhammad Gave Her A Message During Her Near Death Experience

Megan Brown who during her NDE experience went to heaven. During her near death experience she encountered God, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammed. Continue reading

The Age of Miracles – Interview with Franco Romero

After a series of clairvoyant events, Franco Romero came to recall how his near-death experience happened as an infant and tells about the miracles he has experienced later in his life. He explains why we live in a simulated reality, how we can learn to interact with it, and how we can use it to wake up to who we truly are. Continue reading

Earth Has Reached The End of a 26000 Year Spiritual Cycle (A New World Is Dawning!)

Earth has reached the end of a 26,000-year spiritual cycle. And what’s happening at the end of this 26,000 years is that the earth is moving up in vibration or frequency from the third dimension, or third density through fourth density, which is where we are now. And then eventually, into fifth density. Fifth density is a vibration of oneness and unconditional love. Continue reading

Heavens Cross Part 3: Questions & Answers

This “apocalyptic” event is like nothing humanity has ever previously encountered. As the veil between Earth and the realms beyond begins opening, the implications are profound. While the reduction in emotional, mental, and physical gravity will eventually affect every part of human life, the most meaningful outcome is the divine access that humans have yearned for since the beginning of time. Continue reading

The Biggest Change in Current Era (since Atlantis)

♤ Saint-Germain comes to the audience through his channeler Geoffrey Hoppe, taking on the title of Adamus Saint-Germain in order to differentiate the intense work he does with the Crimson Circle from previous work with other channelers. Continue reading

Live Chakra Balancing With Human-Alien Hybrid Mother

Podcast guest 742 is Althea Lucrezia. During this podcast Althea gave a live chakra balancing via light language transmission. We also talk about her alien attack in the quantum realm and her human-alien hybrid son. Althea Lucrezia Avanzo a Light Language Channeler, Galactic Contact, Akashic & Psychic Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Tarot & Divination Astrologer. Continue reading

How Could I Have Walked With Jesus Christ? His Shocking Past Life Memory w/ John Davis | NLS Podcast

John Davis was raised in a Catholic family and did not believe in reincarnation when an intuitive reader told him he “walked with Jesus” and revealed who he had been. Intuitively John felt that he had, but being Catholic, he suppressed those feelings and brushed the idea aside. But God/Universe doesn’t always let things go.  Over the next year, and without provocation, nineteen different readers told John of the same past life. Continue reading

Top Signs a Spirit is Attached to YOU! How to Clear Negative Spirits & Entities! Dr. Bradley Nelson

If you have ever experienced persistent physical or emotional discomfort or wondered if you have an entity, a parasite, or are under an energetic attack, then is this show for you! Michael Sandler and Dr. Bradley Nelson discuss the top signs of a negative entity or spirit attachment and a powerful technique to clear them or negative energies from you ONCE and for ALL. Continue reading

Nikola Tesla: “PAY ATTENTION To The Numbers You’re Seeing”

Continue reading