Doctor explains how Alzheimer’s Reversal is Real-with Dr.Bredesen | The Empowering Neurologist

Most everyone knows of a cancer survivor. But, by and large, when a person receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, it is often assumed that this is an indication of an almost certain outcome. Continue reading

Powerful buddha quotes that can change your life|buddha quotes about Life| inspiring quotes

Powerful buddha quotes

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How To Unleash Your Secret Mental Powers

You can change your life for the better here and now. Continue reading

Near Death Experiencer Channels Steve Jobs!

Near-death experience guest 773 is Stephanie Patel, former attorney who had had 2 NDEs and a giant spiritually transformative experience that totally turned her world upside down. Continue reading

Archeologist Dies In Explosion; Told Secrets Of Time & Life’s Purpose (NDE)

This is Natalie Sudman’s account of her NDE near death experience, tour of the afterlife. Natalie currently lives in Minnesota, where she works as an artist, writer, and offers intuitive readings. Check out Natalie’s links: Continue reading

Prophet Muhammad Gave Her A Message During Her Near Death Experience

Megan Brown who during her NDE experience went to heaven. During her near death experience she encountered God, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammed. Continue reading

Ascended Masters: Unlocking The Mysteries of the Unknown Spiritual Begins | RJ Spina

RJ Spina is a true leader and metaphysical teacher, and the world has never needed one so desperately. He has verifiably healed himself of permanent chest-down paralysis, severe chronic illness, and life-threatening conditions through his own authentic transcendence. His teachings, wisdom, guidance, and revolutionary self-healing and self-realization technique has already completely changed and saved the lives of many across the globe. He has dedicated his life to the freeing and healing of humanity on all levels. Continue reading

The Galactic Federation – Beyond Belief with George Noory – FREE Episode

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Just Use This & Your All Energy Blockages Will Be Cleared In 7 Days | Shi Heng Yi

Shaolin Luohan Style Qi Gong (Shi San Shi Luohan) is a set of 13 postures/movements that was developed, after contemplating and imitating different forms and expressions of the famous 13 Luohan (Arhat) of Shaolin. Continue reading

Journey into Other Realms

Saint-Germain comes to the audience through his channeler Geoffrey Hoppe, taking on the title of Adamus Saint-Germain in order to differentiate the intense work he does with the Crimson Circle from previous work with other channelers. He has brought his unique and provocative style to spiritual seekers around the globe – straightforward delivery, paradigm-shifting wisdom, arrogance, and a lot of humor.

Adamus had many lifetimes on Earth in the human condition. He has great understanding and empathy for the human journey. His human background and experiences – as well as his ascension from the human condition – give him unique insights and compassion when he’s guiding us into our Realization, in a way no alien or galactic being can do.

He’s the Captain of this spiritual pirate ship, guiding us through stormy waters onward to Enlightenment Island.

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Take Care of your Pineal Gland by doing this | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Pineal gland, the third eye, regulates your bodies biological clock and the circannual rhythm. It is the seat of the Ajna Chakra and the coronal light. Maharishi Pantajali says, one can get the visions of the higher beings by focusing on this coronal light. In today’s video, watch Dr. Hansaji enlighten us in this subject.

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Shoud 11 “Art of Benching Series” – August 6, 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations. Continue reading

How To Harness The Power Of “Magic” (Scientifically Proven) w/ Dean Radin PhD

Have you ever experienced psychic phenomena? How about an experience that could only be regarded as “magic”?It’s more than likely you have, considering a survey conducted where over 90% of participants, all being scientific academics, reported to have had at least one of these experiences in their life. Today’s podcast is with Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Continue reading

How Could I Have Walked With Jesus Christ? His Shocking Past Life Memory w/ John Davis | NLS Podcast

John Davis was raised in a Catholic family and did not believe in reincarnation when an intuitive reader told him he “walked with Jesus” and revealed who he had been. Intuitively John felt that he had, but being Catholic, he suppressed those feelings and brushed the idea aside. But God/Universe doesn’t always let things go.  Over the next year, and without provocation, nineteen different readers told John of the same past life. Continue reading

Nikola Tesla: “PAY ATTENTION To The Numbers You’re Seeing”

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