Hurricane Ian takes out FERTILIZER production for North America, power grid DOWN, widespread supply chain damage


The devastation of Hurricane Ian has implications far beyond Florida itself. One of the largest fertilizer companies in the world, Mosaic, is located right in the devastation path of Ian, which lingered for over 12 hours in Central Florida, dropping actual feet of rain in some areas, causing widespread flooding and infrastructure damage. That, combined with the sustained hurricane-force winds, ripped some communities to shreds and left almost no structure standing in certain areas. Continue reading

Water, Radiation & Healing Yourself

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Explorer Who Found Many Iconic Shipwrecks Like the Titanic Credits Dyslexia For His Success

Not being able to see the world in the same way as others is often considered a drawback, but the view from a different lens can also be revelatory.

79-year-old Robert Ballard, a pioneer in underwater robotic technology, always knew he was “wired differently” than most folks, but it was only a few years ago that he learned he was dyslexic Continue reading

The tide is turning: 50 steps for survival and VICTORY against the destroyers


The plandemic engineers and mass murderers will be exposed and stopped. Much like the Third Reich, their conspiracy to exterminate the human race will ultimately fail, and now we’re starting to see a tipping point emerging, leading to a global backlash against Fauci, Daszak, Gates, Soros and all the others who took part in this global human extermination agenda. Continue reading

Diver Gets Glorious Glimpse of Giant Sea Worm That Normally Only Comes Out at Night

It turns out there are people in the world who, during a dive, choose to swim towards a 26-foot-long pink tube coming right for them. Thank goodness for that, because if there weren’t humanity wouldn’t have gotten the video below. Continue reading

‘Mr. Trash Wheel’ Gobbles Up 15 Tons of Trash Every Day From Harbors – And More Cities Are Adopting

For years, the ambiguous yet contented face of Mr. Trash Wheel has been an icon of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Continue reading

Researchers use “ocean elevators” to grow giant sea kelp – a promising source of biofuel

Researchers made a makeshift “elevator” in the ocean to grow giant kelp, the world’s biggest species of marine algae and a promising source of biofuel. The researchers explained that giant kelp needs to be moved up and down the ocean column every day to thrive. Continue reading

Killer whales orchestrating revenge attacks on boats off Spain

Forget Jaws — this time it’s personal … for orcas. Continue reading