Human-animal hybrids now legal to grow in Japan…

The Japanese government has granted its approval for The University of Tokyo to proceed with a controversial stem-cell research project that aims to develop human-animal “Frankenstein” hybrid creatures, which mad scientists at the school plan to manufacture in labs from embryo to “life.” Continue reading

Polar bears are OVERPOPULATED

An iconic symbol of the global warming narrative, the lowly polar bear is often portrayed by the media as an endangered species that increasingly has no natural habitat in which to live, thanks to the alleged melting of the polar ice caps. But new reports suggest that we’ve all been lied to about this, as there’s actually now an overabundance of polar bears living in places like Nunavut, Canada, which is fast becoming a threat to humans. Continue reading

Looking for pain relief? Try these 12 natural painkillers

When you’re experiencing any physical pain, it is natural to reach for over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. However, the long-term use of these medicines can severely damage your liver. To avoid irreversible liver damage and other adverse side effects, here are some suggestions for natural painkillers that are safer and just as effective. Continue reading

6,000 cat study shows breed plays a role in behavior

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  • In a first-of-its-kind study of over 5,700 cats, researchers in Finland have demonstrated that behavioral traits in cat breeds can be inherited
  • Of the five behavioral areas analyzed, activity levels between breeds showed the greatest variability
  • Another explanation for behavioral differences is selective breeding
  • Several cat breeds had a high probability for wool sucking (a compulsive behavior), and two breeds in particular are prone to excessive grooming

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Can Dogs Eat Carrots?



  • Carrots contain fiber, which may help curb your dog’s hunger and lessen their risk of obesity. They also contain vitamin A, which may help reduce their risk of eye problems 
  • Carrots can be steamed and pureed before being fed to dogs. If you intend to serve them raw, be sure to wash, peel and then cut them into small cubes
  • Cats may reap the same health benefits as dogs when fed carrots

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Amish children have lowest rate of allergies


The Amish, in particular, Amish children, don’t get allergies — not like the rest of the general population, that is.

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These lucky, doomed pets are reclaiming active, happy lives


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  • Today, thanks to the increasing availability of assistive devices, dogs and cats with physical disabilities can lead happy, healthy lives
  • There are wheelchairs for pets with missing or nonworking limbs, as well as standard and advanced prosthetics and orthotics
  • Rehabilitation therapy is also invaluable for these animals and should be the standard of care for any pet with a physical disability
  • Behavioral therapy can be extremely beneficial for blind and deaf cats and dogs to help them adjust to their disability

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