Essential homesteading skills for self-sufficiency

Essential homesteading skills for self-sufficiency

Homesteading requires diverse skills to truly become self-sufficient. You need to produce your own food, create and mend your clothing, till the land yourself and protect yourself from invading animals or thieves.

For those looking to get into homesteading, here are some of the essential homesteading skills that you will need to learn. (h/t to Continue reading

Study warns US farmland is now 48 TIMES more TOXIC to insects: Are neonicotinoids to blame for the impending “insect apocalypse?”

Researchers have determined that the nation’s farmland is now 48 times more toxic to insects than it was just 25 years ago, and much of this rise in toxicity is being blamed on the widespread use of a dangerous category of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. Continue reading

At Villa Fantasía, meet Pancho the croc and the Ocelot without a name

A zoo becomes a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center in Zapopan, Jalisco Continue reading

How to Make a Simple Mason Bee Hotel

Unlike honeybees, mason bees are solitary bees that do not live in colonies. The female mason bee nests in hollow tubes, where she constructs walls of mud to protect her eggs. She will be very picky about the cleanliness of the tubes she nests in, but once she has selected a proper tube, she builds the first mud wall. She constructs these walls by making about 15-25 trips to a nearby source of mud. Continue reading

Amazing aquatic life: Blue-banded sea snakes “breathe” through their heads

Sea snakes, despite their name, still need to surface to get air to breathe. Australian researchers, however, have found one species that has developed an organ that lets it effectively “breathe” underwater for a limited time. Continue reading

Top Freshwater Aquarium Plants: Tops Plants To Put In An Aquarium

Aquarium supply stores offer a huge variety of beautiful aquatic plants and many are easy to grow, even for newbies. Are you wondering what plants to put in an aquarium? If you’re a beginner, or even if you aren’t, here are great aquatic plants for fish tanks. Continue reading

Finding the elusive jaguar was a challenge for wildlife photographer

Long walks through mountains and jungles led to Alejandro Prieto’s Jaguar Story Continue reading

Cretaceous ‘terror crocodile’ crushed dinosaurs with banana-size teeth

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Hummingbird Moth Facts: How To Attract Hummingbird Moths To Gardens

Adding ornamental flowers to yard spaces and containers is an excellent way to incorporate color and interest to the summer garden. In doing so, growers are also creating an oasis for pollinating insects  and hummingbirds. Dazzling, nectar-rich flowers are especially attractive when in full bloom. Continue reading

2 captive beluga whales finally freed to a seawater sanctuary in Iceland

This is the first time they’ve felt the sea in more than 10 years. Continue reading

The Truth About Pet Cancer

Cara Mia’s Story

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Strange, spiral bee combs look like fantastical crystal palaces. Now we know why.


In a world of bland hexagonal honeycombs, a small group of rebellious Australian bees has chosen to build spiral staircases. Continue reading

5,000 years of history of domestic cats in Central Europe

A loner and a hunter with highly developed territorial instincts, a cruel carnivore, a disobedient individual: the cat. These features make the species averse to domestication. Even so, we did it. Nowadays, about 500 million cats live in households all around the world; it is also difficult to estimate the amount of the homeless and the feral ones Continue reading

Non-organic cow’s milk found to contain TOXIC chemicals like pesticides and growth hormones

Lots of people are waking up to the dangers of conventional produce and sticking to organic varieties, but a recent study serves as a reminder of why it’s also important to go organic when it comes to cow’s milk too.

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