Grassroots Rising — A Call to Change the World

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  • Ronnie Cummins’ new book, “Grassroots Rising,” details how transforming our food and farming system worldwide can solve many of our most pressing problems, including environmental pollution, health problems, climate change and rural poverty
  • Transitioning to regenerative organic farming has the ability to solve all of these problems simultaneously
  • Far from solving world hunger, genetically engineered crops destroy soils and make food more toxic and less nutritious. Regenerative farming has demonstrated its superiority with regard to yield and nutrition, without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Education, innovation, policy changes and investment are the four things that drive this change of paradigm
  • The Via Organica farm in Mexico is promoting a novel way to produce inexpensive yet highly nutritious animal feed made from native agave plants

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Mosquito begone: 5 Natural ingredients that work as a mosquito repellent

For many people, mosquito bites can be quite a nuisance when they’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors. If you happen to be a mosquito magnet, you’re probably already tired of having itchy, bumpy skin all the time. Just like with overall health, avoiding mosquito bites is all about practicing preventative measures as the first step. This includes keeping mosquitoes as far away from you as possible. Those looking for alternatives to synthetic mosquito repellents can use natural repellents that are very effective at protecting against their annoying bites. Continue reading

The Hidden Risks of Pesticides


  • Exposure to low doses of atrazine leads to changes in the gut microbiota of wasps, increasing their resistance to pesticides
  • Researchers exposed wasps to atrazine at concentrations of 300 parts per billion, an amount meant to simulate the exposure level that would occur among pollinators visiting a field that was recently sprayed
  • Changes in gut microbiota occurred, Changes in gut microbiota occurred, including not only the herbicide atrazine but also glyphosate — a chemical to which the wasps had not been exposed
  • The microbial changes in the wasps’ guts persisted across successive generations, meaning that the wasps’ offspring were affected even though they weren’t exposed to atrazine
  • Host-microbiome interaction is not part of standard biorisk assessments for pesticides

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Why Everything You Learned About Viruses is WRONG

Groundbreaking research indicates that most of what is believed about the purportedly deadly properties of viruses like influenza is, in fact, not evidence-based but myth… Continue reading

What makes dogs so special? Science says love

True love: a woman and her Valentine’s Day date pose behind a heart-shaped pastry during a February 14 Continue reading

Who’s a clever girl! Whisky the six-year-old border collie learns the names of 90 different toys on her own and can fetch them on request


  • More than learning toy names, Whisky recognises the different types of object
  • For example, she can pick out a ball or rope when asked from a set of new toys
  • The clever collie appears to have learnt these groups without deliberate training
  • The smartest dog on record reportedly knew 1,000 words and basic grammar

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First Aid 101: How to treat animal bites post-SHTF

Animal bites and scratches happen all the time – a dog you thought was friendly might try to bite your hand or a cat that thinks you came too close might take a swipe at you. Whenever these incidents happen, the most common thing people do would be to seek immediate medical care. However, after SHTF, professional natural health practitioners will be in short supply. Continue reading

Seal caught clapping underwater … and scientists flip out

Whales serenade each other across thousands of miles, while dolphins call out other’s “names” using signature whistles. Now, scientists have spotted gray seals using yet another form of underwater communication: surprisingly loud clapping. Continue reading

Cat with 4 frostbitten paws gets new feet made of titanium

3D-printed titanium limbs helped a frostbitten feline get back on her feet. Continue reading

Survival first aid: How to treat spider bites

Spiders, for the most part, are harmless. They will rather hide or run away from a threat than engage in a fight. However, if they feel cornered, they will bite any threat, including humans. Continue reading

What is toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis stands as one of the most common parasitic infections in the world — in fact, you may even harbor the pervasive pathogen and not ever know it. Continue reading

Fish that can repair their OWN HEART offer clues for millions of heart attack patients after scientists discover an immune cell is involved in its recovery

  • Scientists transplanted macrophages into hearts of mice and zebrafish
  • Macrophages known to remove dead and dying cells from the body
  • But macrophages also helped to create collagen and boost scar tissue
  • Findings could lead to ways of improving repair after a heart attack 

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Bioluminescence as a defense mechanism: Study reveals dinoflagellate plankton glow to prevent predators from eating them

That beautiful glow you see on beaches at night may actually be the biological equivalent of warning sirens, according to a new study. Continue reading

Mighty Broccoli Sprouts Rapidly Detox Pollutants

Air pollution is associated with a long list of health problems including cardio-respiratory deaths, pulmonary disease, and chronic respiratory conditions. And the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified air pollution as carcinogenic to humans. Continue reading