Remains of 90 million-year-old rainforest discovered under Antarctic ice

Fossil traces of an ancient rainforest were just unearthed in West Antarctica. Continue reading

Air pollution levels DROPPING all over the world as coronavirus causes cities and industries to shut down

As major cities all over Europe go into lockdown, levels of air pollution are dropping dramatically. Continue reading

Medical Apocalypse Drives the World

That worst-case isn’t here yet, but social activity is grinding to a halt. What we are witnessing is a rapid shift in world fortunes without precedent. Just one example is the airline industry, whose level of activity is dropping like a stone. Airports around the world support ecosystems of restaurants, stores, taxis and hotels that will all be affected if air travel remains depressed. In Europe alone airports and related businesses support almost 12.5 million jobs, worth some $758 billion, according to the Economic Impact of European Airports study. Continue reading

Special Report: A Plastic Tide


  • The world now produces 299 million tons of plastics a year, most of which ends up in the oceans
  • A hard-hitting documentary from Sky News, “A Plastic Tide,” showcases the urgent problem of plastic pollution and what some activists are doing about it
  • Volunteers in Mumbai, India, and other places are cleaning up the plastic pollution on beaches
  • Marine animals die from eating plastic, which they can mistake for food or become entangled in
  • CT scans reveal plastic in the tissues of mussels found in Belgium

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