Latinos Finally Have Access to Telemedicine

(Detroit) – The nurse at the hospital assured Jose Aquila that if he returns tomorrow, they will have a Spanish speaking interpreter or maybe even a Latin care provider. With Spanish as the second most spoken language in the country, it’s not hard to understand Mr. Aguila’s confusion and frustration at being turned away from health care because of language.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Sees Launch of Telemedicina Latina

This year’s’ Hispanic Heritage month takes on advancements in healthcare with the launch of the nation’s first all-Spanish language telemedicine service. Michigan is the first territory for Telemedicina Latina offering immediate medical consults with Michigan based Spanish speaking doctors available from morning to evening daily. Continue reading

Dutch Woman Gets 3-D Printed Skull

Surgeons at the University Medical Center at Utrecht University in The Netherlands have successfully replaced a woman’s skull with a 3-D printed replica. Continue reading

Support Growing for a Telemedicine Revolution in Home Care

Norwood House care home where telemedicine is being piloted

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Remote Patient Monitoring Program Reduces Readmissions to 2%

Sentara Healthcare in Chesapeake, Va., announced a two percent readmission rate for patients in its remote monitoring program, compared to a 15 percent readmission rate for the hospital at large.

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Mexico Halts All GMO Corn from Being Planted

Just days before a recent March Against Monsanto protest that took place globally on October 12, Mexico, the geographical birthplace of modern-day corn, instituted a regulatory ban on all plantings of genetically modified (GM) varieties of this staple food crop. A victory for food freedom and agricultural integrity, the announcement was made at a press conference in Mexico City Continue reading

Canada and Europe Fund Intelligent Senior Homes

Technology may soon be helping seniors to live longer, healthier lives. A trio of researchers, including Simon Fraser University’s Andrew Sixsmith, is working to develop intelligent, interactive sensors to be embedded in seniors’ homes and used to support independent living.

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Telemedicine Offers New Hope in Europe’s Healthcare Reform

According to a new research report by RNCOS, entitled “Global Telemedicine Market Analysis“, Europe’s healthcare is on a road to reformation due to the implementation and ongoing success of its telemedicine industry. Several promising factors, such as rapidly aging population and rising demand for home treatments are driving the growth of telemedicine in Europe. Continue reading

Dog Therapy Works

People with mental disease and health problems typically seek relief by hiring a shrink or snagging a prescription. The adventurous few might sign on for a trek in the Himalayas or a five-month silent retreat, but if you prefer a cuddlier solution, various studies show that you might do just as well with dog therapy.

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NHS 111 and Telehealth ‘Not Just About Technology’, Says Lansley

Technology projects in the health service, including the NHS 111 non-emergency phone service and the 3millionlives major rollout of telehealth, must be accompanied by “service innovation”, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said.

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