Telemedicine Comes of Age in Era of Covid-19

(Monarch Beach, CA) – “It took a virus to demonstrate the beauty and proficiency of telemedicine effectively,” mused CEO is US Tele-Medicine, Jacques von Speyer, “ Twelve years ago when we commenced operations, the term telehealth was an arcane notion to almost all healthcare executives nationwide. Indeed, there were exceptions, but by and large, it was relegated to the unknown and, therefore, impracticable. “ Continue reading

US Tele-Medicine Now Provides Virtual Assessment for People Suspecting a Coronavirus Infection

– US Tele-Medicine, a 12 year old telemedicine company based in Southern California and providing care in 46 states has launched a Coronavirus Check web site

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Israel’s ‘Flying Cars’ will Revolutionize Military Rescue Missions

Israel’s ‘flying car’ is set to save lives through its unique technology that allows it to fly and land in places unreachable by helicopter. Continue reading

Israeli Technology Protects Sensitive Data with Optical ‘Invisibility Cloak’

New technology from Israel protects sensitive information so effectively that researchers say it will take hackers years to break the encryption key. Continue reading

Brighteon explodes in popularity as users flee YouTube in droves due to insane censorship


Similarly, YouTube also now bans insults against politicians, since politicians are the new protected class who cannot be subjected to mockery of any kind, according to YouTube’s tyrant-in-chief Susan Wojcicki. Continue reading

Physicists Just Created the Most Detailed Simulation of the Universe in History

The formation of galaxies is a complex dance between matter and energy, occurring on a stage of cosmic proportions and spanning billions of years. How the diversity of structured and dynamic galaxies we observe today arose from the fiery chaos of the Big Bang remains one of the most difficult unsolved puzzles of cosmology. Continue reading

Trump smashes hospital bill secrecy sham, forces hospitals to publicly publish secret prices so that consumers can make informed choices

The Trump administration is currently in the process of finalizing a new price transparency rule that, once it comes into effect in January 2021, will force all hospitals to publish their service prices publicly for the benefit of consumers. Continue reading

Israeli-Made Electric Planes Set to Revolutionize Air Travel

This Israeli-made electric plane will reduce operating costs by up to 70 percent, bringing the price down to $200 per flight hour versus $1,000 for a turboprop. Continue reading

The Way of the Cross for Latinos in American hospitals will end.

The Way of the Cross for Latinos in American hospitals will end. Continue reading