Eight alarming cover-ups and contradictions in the East Palestine train wreck chemical nightmare now spreading across multiple states

When it comes to explaining away the single largest ecological catastrophe in the history of America, the EPA and Ohio officials just can’t seem to get their stories straight. Every explanation they offer is a contradiction or cover-up. And they refuse to test for the one thing that poses the greatest health hazard of all: DIOXINS. Continue reading

Gregg Braden – Element Th 90: A Bridge to the Future… The Untold Story of Green Energy

You are watching a preview of Gregg Braden’s brand new Masterclass Series A 5-YEAR GUIDE TO YOUR FUTURE, brought to you by Humanity’s Team & Gregg Braden. Please note; this video consists of two modules preview. To learn more about Gregg Braden’s brand-new Masterclasses Series, pls follow these links: https://www.humanitysteam.org/free-pr… – ‘Five Year Guide’ Masterclass https://www.humanitysteam.org/free-pr… – ‘Forbidden Science’ Masterclass https://www.humanitysteam.org/expande… – ‘Technology, Consciousness & Evolution’ Masterclass Continue reading

Study shows polar bears are THRIVING-debunking claims that they will soon become extinct due to “climate change”

Watch tthe above video that explains how abundant Arctic ice is a cause of concern for polar bears. Continue reading

Report: Organic farming yields 40% more crops than conventional farming during drought

A recently released report that took four decades to complete has shown that organic farming produced 40 percent more yields during stressful drought periods compared to conventional farming. Continue reading

Manufacturing consent: How engineered famine will have the masses BEGGING for FEMA camps

In today’s Situation Update podcast (below), we discuss how events are being engineered in order to manufacture consent among the oblivious masses who will end up begging for FEMA camps to save them from starvation. Continue reading

Major rivers all around the world experiencing drought at the same time: WHY?


Source for Video:https://www.brighteon.com/6eeefec2-af63-4e70-b42d-e1988ced477b

Something nefarious appears to be going on with the world’s water supplies as lakes and rivers seemingly everywhere dry up due to drought, in some cases, but for unknown reasons in others. Continue reading

Foraging 101: How to identify, harvest and prepare wild lettuce


Watch the video below for tips on urban and suburban foraging and community gardening.

When disaster strikes, foraging can be a lifesaver, especially if you know about edible and medicinal plants. Continue reading

Another Dimension? Time Travel Portal? A Different Planet? What’s at the Bottom of Mel’s Hole?

Getting to the Bottom of Mel’s Hole On Mel Waters’ property in the Manastash Ridge, west of Ellensburg, Washington, there is a hole in the ground that looks like a well — but it’s not a well. Continue reading

Scientists Terrifying New Discovery Under Sahara Desert Changes Everything!

This is the map of Africa. If you look to the South, you will see lush vegetation, with lots of greenery. However, when you go north, things are different. Covering multiple countries, it is the most gigantic desert globally, with miles and miles of dune formation. Altogether, the Sahara Desert covers 9 million square kilometers, meaning it will swallow Spain 18 times! Continue reading

17 Out-of-Place Artifacts That Suggest High-Tech Civilizations Existed Thousands—or Millions—of Years Ago

According to our conventional view of history, humans have only walked the Earth in our present form for some 200,000 years. Much of the mechanical ingenuity we know of in modern times began to develop only a couple hundred years ago, during the Industrial Revolution. However, evidence today alludes to advanced civilizations existing as long as several thousand years ago—or possibly even earlier.

Continue reading

Healing in Quantum Light (Part 2 of 2) Understanding Earth Changes and Energy Healing Part 2

PART 2- This is one hour video presented at the Earth Keeper Conference 2016 in Denver, Colorado on Quantum Healing, The Ascension and Planetary Changes and Unity Field Healing. Continue reading

Regrow Supermarket Lettuce Hydroponically: Bug Free and Soil Free using the Kratky Method!

Can you regrow supermarket lettuce? This lettuce was harvested and packaged weeks ago, then sat in the supermarket, and finally in my refrigerator for another couple of days, so can it still put out roots and grow some more? Follow along as I regrow these heads of Romaine Continue reading

Weather weapons are targeting human infrastructure, aiming for Extinction Level Event (ELE) via mass famine and collapse


Today’s Situation Update podcast covers the weaponization of weather systems to target human infrastructure. It is over two hours in length and features interviews with Dane Wigington (see below) as well as a first responder on the ground in Central Florida. Continue reading

INFLATION FLIPPING: 7 strategies for acquiring items and services you need without breaking the bank

Source for this Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kNNyMhvdmY&t=11s

Tune your internet survival frequency to Preparedness.news for updates on buying the right supplies for emergencies and being ready for more inflation and more supply chain issues. Now here’s a handy indoor gardening 101 instructional video that’s a must see. Check it out. Continue reading