It’s Reality! First Ever Parallel Universe Has Finally Been Discovered!

Welcome to Techspace, the channel that explores the fascinating worlds of science, technology, space exploration, and archaeological discoveries. Continue reading

Hyperinflation meets the Great Depression – Andy Schectman warns Mike Adams about the catastrophic banking collapse now accelerating

Today’s Situation Update broadcast (below) focuses on the accelerating financial collapse that’s now unfolding. The CEO of Miles Franklin, Andy Schectman, joins me for an eye-opening interview in which he says we’re headed into an insane combination of hyperinflation colliding with the Great Depression. Continue reading

Tucker: This video shatters the left’s narrative about January 6

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says Democrats used Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick’s death for their political agenda on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight. Continue reading

SMOKING GUN: UK Health Minister’s leaked messages reveal Truman Show-like psychological terrorism campaign involving RELEASING variants to maximize fear and lockdown compliance

The Telegraph (UK) has released an explosive series of articles documenting the psychological terrorism and biological warfare COVID campaigns waged against the British people by their own government. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Natural News releases lab test results of Tractor Supply “Producer’s Pride” chicken feed (and five other chicken feed products)

Following widely circulated anecdotal reports of people claiming that Tractor Supply’s “Producer’s Pride” brand of chicken feed was causing their chickens to stop laying eggs, we purchased six chicken feed products (of various brands) from Tractor Supply for the purpose of conducting comprehensive lab testing. Continue reading

Ep 2:The March Planetary Event, Robo Sapiens, Homo Christos, THE Lifetime & more with Geoffrey Hoppe

This is the lifetime! & Huge Event Happening in March Continue reading

Alchemy – Where to Begin – Introduction to the Summa Perfectionis (Sum of Perfection) Pseudo-Geber

Alchemy is one of the most difficult fields of study in Western Esotericism for a host of reasons: texts are often in ancient languages, practically encoded, full of arcane symbolism and obscure instructions. One of the most daunting tasks is even where to begin. Continue reading

After Death Communication – Finding Love on the Other Side with Stephen Simon | NLS Podcast

In 1980, Stephen Simon produced the film Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Plummer. In 1998, he produced What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra, and Cuba Gooding, Jr. On January 3, 2018, my wife and forever love Lauren suddenly passed away in her sleep. She was only 54. Six weeks later, Lauren began to communicate with Stephen…and in October 2018, they started writing the book “What Dreams Have Come: Loving Through The Veil”. Wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and many others have experienced communication with loved ones who preceded them beyond the veil that separates life and what comes after life. Continue reading

Psychologist Sees 8D Beings Of Light On The Other Side – Near Death Experience

Kathy Forti, clinical psychologist who merged with beings of light from the 8th dimension. Continue reading

“Always Kept In Closed Circles” | SACRED VIBRATIONAL METHODS

Many Thanks to Dr. Robert J. Gilbert for providing such valuable information about the ancient knowledge of vibration and BioGeometry. Check out his amazing work by him: — Continue reading

Aliens Are Here To Help Humanity Consciousness Evolve

Podcast guest 719 is the author Gerard Aartsen from Amsterdam, who has written several books about the extraterrestrial presence, which he sees as further evidence of the evolution of consciousness and the universal manifestation of life. We also talk about George Adamski and his history with UFOs. Another topic of our discussion was about Benjamin Creme and the World Teacher. Continue reading