Remains of 90 million-year-old rainforest discovered under Antarctic ice

Fossil traces of an ancient rainforest were just unearthed in West Antarctica. Continue reading

This could be the ‘coronavirus game changer’ – Retracted study from Chinese medical journal warned the killer virus could be airborne

This new story over at the Daily Mail deserves immediate attention this morning because if true, we’re now witnessing a ‘coronavirus game changer’. As the Daily Mail story reported, doctors and scientists in China have been researching how one man there passed on the virus to 9 different people aboard a bus and 13 people in total and as that study concluded, not only can the virus be spread much further than previously believed, it can also ‘linger in the air for up to 30 minutes’. Continue reading

Spooky ‘blood snow’ invades Antarctic island

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Special Report: A Plastic Tide


  • The world now produces 299 million tons of plastics a year, most of which ends up in the oceans
  • A hard-hitting documentary from Sky News, “A Plastic Tide,” showcases the urgent problem of plastic pollution and what some activists are doing about it
  • Volunteers in Mumbai, India, and other places are cleaning up the plastic pollution on beaches
  • Marine animals die from eating plastic, which they can mistake for food or become entangled in
  • CT scans reveal plastic in the tissues of mussels found in Belgium

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The lost continent of Zealandia hides clues to the Ring of Fire’s birth

The hidden undersea continent of Zealandia underwent an upheaval at the time of the birth of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Continue reading

Beyond Cold

An intensifying climate crisis threatens more than half of the world’s GDP, research says, and though they say its because of warming it also could be, will be, because of cooling. Cities and towns in Canada and many in the States and other parts of the world are being buried in snow bringing economic activity to a halt. Though I make an extensive case for this below, one can hardly keep up with and report on all the cold climate news, though you will not read one word about it in the corporate owned elite controlled press. Continue reading

There’s a Lost Continent Hiding Beneath Europe

“Greater Adria” existed hundreds of millions of years ago after it broke off from the supercontinent Gondwana. Continue reading

Most detailed images of the Sun ever captured show patterns of turbulent ‘boiling’ plasma with ‘cells’ the size of Texas that transport heat from the core to the surface

  • The shots were taken by the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope on Maui, Hawaii
  • Each cell has bright parts where plasma upwells and dark lanes where it sinks
  • Such images will allow experts to study the Sun and the space weather it creates
  • Predicting intense solar activity is important to protect technology here on Earth

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Black holes shouldn’t echo, but this one might. Score 1 for Stephen Hawking?

Black holes are infinitely dense objects surrounded by smooth event horizons.
(Image: © Shutterstock)

This isn’t how black holes are supposed to behave. Continue reading

Bioluminescence as a defense mechanism: Study reveals dinoflagellate plankton glow to prevent predators from eating them

That beautiful glow you see on beaches at night may actually be the biological equivalent of warning sirens, according to a new study. Continue reading

NASA’s Mars orbiter takes a breathtaking photo of a 50-foot crater; impact could have occurred between 2016 to 2019, say experts

NASA has captured what appears to be a new 50-foot wide impact crater on the surface of Mars. Continue reading

Dark Energy Is Real, Despite Claim to the Contrary

A new study suggests that dark energy might not be real after all. But other scientists have found major flaws with this bold claim. Continue reading

Unique Brain Signal Just Discovered. And It Might Make Us ‘Human’

A new study suggests that human neurons may have more computing power than once thought. Continue reading

No One Can Agree How Fast Universe Is Expanding. New Measure Makes Things Worse.

We just might need new physics to get out of this mess. Continue reading

Origin of Deep-Space Radio Flash Discovered, and It’s Unlike Anything Astronomers Have Ever Seen

Mysterious ultra-fast pinpricks of radio energy keep lighting up the night sky and nobody knows why. A newly discovered example of this transient phenomenon has been traced to its place of origin — a nearby spiral galaxy — but it’s only made things murkier for astronomers. Continue reading