Bioluminescence as a defense mechanism: Study reveals dinoflagellate plankton glow to prevent predators from eating them

That beautiful glow you see on beaches at night may actually be the biological equivalent of warning sirens, according to a new study. Continue reading

NASA’s Mars orbiter takes a breathtaking photo of a 50-foot crater; impact could have occurred between 2016 to 2019, say experts

NASA has captured what appears to be a new 50-foot wide impact crater on the surface of Mars. Continue reading

Dark Energy Is Real, Despite Claim to the Contrary

A new study suggests that dark energy might not be real after all. But other scientists have found major flaws with this bold claim. Continue reading

Unique Brain Signal Just Discovered. And It Might Make Us ‘Human’

A new study suggests that human neurons may have more computing power than once thought. Continue reading

No One Can Agree How Fast Universe Is Expanding. New Measure Makes Things Worse.

We just might need new physics to get out of this mess. Continue reading

Origin of Deep-Space Radio Flash Discovered, and It’s Unlike Anything Astronomers Have Ever Seen

Mysterious ultra-fast pinpricks of radio energy keep lighting up the night sky and nobody knows why. A newly discovered example of this transient phenomenon has been traced to its place of origin — a nearby spiral galaxy — but it’s only made things murkier for astronomers. Continue reading

The Universe May Be Flooded with a Cobweb Network of Invisible Strings

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Flat Earthers strike out again by failing to grasp the phenomenon of gravity, elliptical orbits and acceleration

Listening to Flat Earthers talk about science and gravity is equivalent to hearing Leftists talk about how guns work. Continue reading

With Mere Pen and Paper, Israeli Helps Solve Newton’s 350-year-old Physics Problem!

The discovery creates a helpful visualization of a previously misunderstood process in the universe.
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Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Continues Drifting, Crosses Prime Meridian

Earth’s magnetic north pole, which has been wandering faster than expected in recent years, has now crossed the prime meridian. Continue reading

News Strange Things Are Happening In The Waters Along The West Coast, And The Fish Are Starting To Disappear

Something is causing the waters just off the west coast to heat up dramatically, fish are dying off in staggering numbers, birds that feed on those fish are also dying off rapidly, and scientists have discovered 15,000 holes in the ocean floor off the coast of California.  Oh, and scientists don’t know for certain why any of these things are happening. Continue reading

Enormous Craters Blasted in Seafloor by Nuclear Bombs Mapped for the First Time

Today, all seems quiet in the remote Bikini Atoll, a chain of coral reef islands in the central Pacific. But more than 70 years ago, this region’s seafloor was rocked by powerful atomic bombs detonated by the U.S. Army. Continue reading

The top 10 most astonishing science and medicine discoveries of 2019

Humans have been thrilled and astounded by scientific and medical discoveries for centuries. And, despite the astonishing number of discoveries made down through the years, there is somehow always more to learn Continue reading

An Alarming Discovery in an Astronaut’s Bloodstream

Astronauts are more than cosmic travelers. They’re also research subjects in the careful study of what exactly outer space does to the human body. On the ground, researchers measure vitals, draw blood, swab cheeks, and more. In orbit around the Earth, the astronauts do the work themselves. Continue reading

Trees Around Factories Could Absorb 27% of Air Pollution


  • Nature-based solutions can compete with technology to reduce toxic air emissions across the U.S.
  • Restoring natural areas to county-level average canopy cover could reduce air pollution by an average of 27%
  • In 75% of the counties, nature-based solutions ended up being less expensive than technological interventions such as smokestack scrubbers in mitigating pollution
  • Maintaining current levels of vegetation as well as restoring vegetation cover in industrial areas could help reduce some of the most common types of air pollutants, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter
  • A mycorrhizae network connects trees to each other in mind-blowing ways, such that trees might be viewed as beings with a capacity for intelligence, decision-making, learning and memory

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