The Amazing Science of Auriculotherapy

How Pressing Specific Points on Your Outer Ear Can Help You Stop Smoking … Eliminate Pain … Shed Excess Weight … Quit the Alcohol Habit …and Heal over 350 Diseases Continue reading

Your Lifespan is Foretold Not in Your Palm but on Your Wrist

Blood pressure is a well-known indicator of cardiovascular health. Continue reading

Boosting Mitochondrial Biogenesis With Ginger

Researchers discover that ginger, an ancient herbal remedy used for cooking and medicinal purposes, supports the regeneration of cellular mitochondria and may reduce the effects of mitochondrial dysfunction Continue reading

Start your day right with a delicious keto-approved breakfast (includes 3 easy recipes)

It takes discipline to commit to a healthy eating plan, especially one as strict as the keto diet. But if you’re new to this particular diet, rest assured that you won’t be stuck eating bland food. You can enjoy nutritious meals that are also delicious as long as you make keto-friendly breakfast recipes, like broccoli cheese muffins and spinach quiche. Continue reading

Tapping Into Negative Mental Chatter to Yourself


  • Correlations exist between self-critical self-talk and self-esteem, such that the more negative thoughts you have about yourself, the more your self-esteem suffers
  • In the featured video, Julie Schiffman demonstrates a simple technique to gain control of negative mental chatter related to weight management or body image
  • People have, on average, 70,000 thoughts in a day, 40,000 of which are repetitive; this means you could be telling yourself over and over again that you’re not good enough or not worthy
  • With EFT, you can shut down the negative voice and free your mind for more positive thoughts
  • Schiffman recommends that you take “should” out of your vocabulary altogether, because whenever you say, “I should do this or that,” you’re setting yourself up for a great deal of disappointment, guilt and shame; say “could” or “will” instead

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Optimize Your Kidney Health With a Low-Acid Diet


  • Your kidneys lower your body acid burden. As kidney failure progresses, acid tends to accumulate in your system, causing severe harm
  • A high-acid diet can deteriorate your kidney function and accelerate the progression of kidney disease
  • Any diet high in fruits and vegetables and low or devoid of processed foods and dairy products will be lower in acid
  • Anything that helps improve diabetes will also improve kidney health. This includes fasting or time-restricted eating and exercise
  • High-protein diets can also damage your kidneys, thanks to the ammonia generated. To protect your renal health when eating a high-protein diet, add in more fruits and vegetables to buffer the acid created

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The Food Industry Makes Food Addictive – And Almost Nutrient-Free

The weight of Americans has been heading upwards for decades along with the number of calories we eat, which has risen by 24% since 1961 — from 2,881 to 3,600 calories a day. Continue reading

300+ Evidence-Based Longevity Promoting Natural Substances

Research has concluded that a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory natural substances can increase longevity and improve the aging process by reducing the risk of age-related diseases  Continue reading