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Word is spreading about — the place where you can now get heavy metals test results for foods, superfoods, herbs, spices, supplements and much more! Although we’ve only posted about 20 products so far, we’re posting new products almost every day, and some of the results are quite shocking.

For example, many people automatically assume that processed junk foods are heavily contaminated with heavy metals, but it’s precisely the opposite. Check out these lab tests on Cap’n Crunch All Berries breakfast cereal. Like nearly all junk processed foods, it contains almost nothing of any nutritive value whatsoever. Because it is so heavily refined, it also contains virtually no heavy metals like lead, mercury or cadmium. (This is common across processed foods.)

At the same time, many superfoods which are widely believed to be super healthy turn out to contain almost alarming quantities of toxic elements. For example, this popular cacao powder, sold everywhere online, was found to contain over 500 ppb lead and nearly 1,000 ppb cadmium!

At the same time, we’ve also found some really clean superfood products in our testing so far, and I wanted to share some of these with you right now. For the record, we have no financial interest in any of these products or brands. We conduct this testing in the public interest (so please help us spread the word by telling others to check out!).

Just Barley from Pure Planet

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Pure Planet’s Barley Powder was remarkably clean, clocking in at around 1/10th the level of lead as other barley powders we’ve tested. When you see lead levels at 50 ppb or lower, you can definitely consider it “clean.”

Cadmium was also very low for this barley powder, and mercury was near-zero. The arsenic at around 1 ppm is not a concern in my view because most of it is likely organic arsenic.

The relatively high aluminum is over 80% retained during digestion, so this barley powder doesn’t actually give off much aluminum.

This is my new instant favorite barley powder! I’m already using it in smoothies…

Beet Powder from Pure Synergy Organics

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This Beet Powder from Pure Synergy tested ridiculously clean on all fronts: extremely low arsenic, low cadmium, low lead and zero mercury. Even the aluminum level was quite low!

The microscopy photos show the product in a nice crystalline form with no visual contamination whatsoever. To me, this looks like a very trustworthy product with extremely low levels of contaminants.

Great job, Pure Synergy! I’ll be testing more products from this brand with a lot of optimism…

Strawberry Powder from Activz

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This Strawberry Powder showed very low lead and arsenic, with zero mercury.

The cadmium at around 0.1 ppm is slightly higher than what I would like to see, but it’s nowhere near any level of concern because strawberries have such amazing natural fibers. In fact, as you can see from the MRF results, these strawberries retain some of the cadmium they contain. (I am the discoverer of the Metals Retention Factor and if you want to see a video explanation of what this is, watch my videos here.)

They also retain 60% of the small amount of arsenic they contain, plus they retain over 50% of their aluminum content. Given all the amazing health benefits of strawberries, these test results indicate this is a very clean superfood compared to many others we’ve tested. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend this product to others.

This Strawberry Powder is also available at a discount from Green PolkaDot Box, a popular online retailer of organic, non-GMO foods, superfoods and personal care products.

Ground Mustard from Spicely

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The Ground Mustard we tested showed very low lead, cadmium and arsenic. Mercury was zero. The 27 ppm aluminum was mostly retained by the mustard, meaning very little would be released during digestion.

An unusual property of this mustard was its ability to bind with excess aluminum during digestion. Few foods demonstrate this property.

Personally, I consider mustard to be a superfood. It’s one of the few food medicine “bitters” found in the Standard American Diet, and it provides nutrients which are very healthy for the liver and other key organs of the body. Finding a clean source of ground mustard is very fortunate!

This Ground Mustard is also available at a discount from Green PolkaDot Box.

Suja Juice

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I’ve been enjoying Suja Juice recently, so of course I had to test it in the lab. The results came back remarkably clean for this Orange Carrot flavor, with arsenic, mercury and lead virtually zero. Cadmium showed around 50 ppb, which is very low and considered a non-issue.

Of course, being juice that totally lacks all fiber, this Suja juice did not demonstrate properties of binding with and capturing other toxic elements. But that’s to be expected in a juice. The benefit of a product like this is found in its complex phytochemical molecules, not its isolated elements.

I haven’t yet tested other Suja juices, so stay tuned to Natural News for more reports each week.

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