Chlorine-Free Pool and Spa Care – Ensure the Health of your Family


Private pools and spas have become a normal part of life for many individuals, especially those living in the warmer states. Pool care, then, has also become an important topic for many homeowners, as finding natural pool and spa treatments has been a challenge for many consumers. Chlorine-based products have become staples in the pool and spa care industry, but the fact remains that the use of this chemical raises questions about its safety. Chlorine-free pool and spa care products have been developed relatively recently, but the question as to whether or not they are better for your family’s health is one that should be considered more thoroughly.

Chlorine is a chemical that, like other chemicals, can have adverse effects on the body if encountered frequently or in large quantities. For many pool and spa owners, both of these cases apply. Chlorine has been found to irritate the skin, causing issues ranging from mild redness to rashes, such as eczema. This occurs because water that is treated with chlorine has been shown to annihilate the fatty acids and the vitamin E that are necessary for maintaining healthy skin. Additionally, chlorine-treated water can produce toxins that cause oxidation, also known as free radical damage. Free radicals have been indicated as triggers of premature aging, among other negative side effects.

Chlorine can have internal effects, as well. The body is host to many different forms of bacteria, some of them crucial to its proper functioning. Chlorine kills some bacterial species, including those that aid in the digestion of food in the intestines. Additionally, important bacteria has been indicated as manufacturers of vitamins, such as B12 and K, that your body needs.

Even more worrisome is the fact that chlorinated water has been shown to contain trihalomethanes, which are carcinogens that are stored in the fatty parts of the body. Among other adverse health effects incurred by chlorine are: asthma complications, increased amounts of some forms of cancer, and even heart defects.

To avoid causing these health problems in their families, many pool and spa owners have made the switch to chlorine-free products. Not only does this alleviate the previously listed issues, many of which can have fatal results, but it also improves the positivity of the swimming experience. Without excess levels of chlorine, swimmers will be able to enjoy their time in the pool or spa without smelling like chemicals, having their skin or hair become dry and brittle, incurring skin irritation and rashes, or having to replace their swimsuits due to accelerated decay at the hands of chemicals.

Making the decision to utilize chlorine-free products is easy from a health and convenience standpoint, as no one likes the stinging eyes and smell that are associated with chlorine, but from a financial aspect it may be a bit difficult. Products that contain chlorine are often much less expensive than their chlorine-free counterparts. Despite the disparity in price, many pool and spa owners have come to the conclusion that the benefits outweigh the extra cost.

A variety of chlorine-free pool and spa treatments have been released over the last few years. In determining which is the best, you must simply read the labels and do a bit of research on the ingredients. The best course of action is to choose the most natural yet effective products possible.

Implementing chlorine-free pool and spa products will improve the health of your family and enhance your swimming experience. With less chemicals, these treatments will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy your pool or spa without harsh side effects.

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