Common Attitudes About Personal Pain

How do you usually respond to personal pain?

Pain is our bodies’ way of communicating with us. How good are you at listening to your body’s outcries? Do you choose to ignore the pain? Do you use your pain as a way receive sympathy from others? Do you confront your pain head on and strategically seek out a remedy? Can you easily recognize subtle changes in your body or does it take a brick to hit you over the head to grab your attention. Where do you fit in? Poll: Which common attitude listed below describes you best?

1. Hypochondriac

Hypochondriacs are paranoid thinkers. They fear the worst illnesses. They routinely visit their doctors regularly for every little scratch or sneeze.

2. Cyberchondriac

High tech off-springs of the hyperchondriac. Cyberchondriacs have been known to falsely self-diagnosis themselves with some of the rarest and deadliest diseases written about on the Internet.

3. Researcher

Researchers will surf the Internet and scour their local libraries looking for illnesses that will match up with their symptoms and explore available treatments. These individuals are well educated people who are seeking knowledge to better understand the pain they are experiencing. These people want to be active participants in their own well being. Researchers are not content to leave their health completely in the hands of the medical community to call all the shots.

4. Empath

Empaths are natural pain magnets. Sensitive by nature, they naturally absorb sufferings felt by other people near them. Empaths quickly learn to isolate themselves from others and will create energetic boundaries in order to shield themselves from taking on emotions felt by others. If they build too strong of a steel wall of protection around themselves they can appear to be aloof and non-caring to others’ troubles.

5. Complainer

We have all been in the company of complainers. Their demeanor comes across as WOE IS ME. They feel as if they are suffering more than others. They are self-absorbed in themselves and give their power over to their sufferings. They often become very dependent on their sympathizers.

6. Shrugger

These types tend to shrug off or completely ignore signs of pain, suffering in silence. They will often do this out of fear because they don’t want to find out something is wrong and face the possibility of BAD NEWS. Also, they may take on the philosophy that their pain is mild or insignificant compared to others and therefore they should just endure their afflictions. Some wear their pain like a badge of courage as if they are proving to the world that nothing can hurt them.

7. Juggler

For lack of a better label, I will refer to this type as jugglers. These people are highly intune with their bodies and easily recognize when changes and imbalances are occurring. They often feel an imbalance in their etheric field before physical manifestation of any illness has begun. They will take whatever steps necessary, including juggling their routine habits if they must, doing whatever is needed to bring themselves out of flux and return back to a normal and more balanced energy.

8. Combination

If you recognize yourself in more than one of the previous attitudes described then your attitude is a combination of those categories. Our attitudes will vary depending on the severity of pain we are experiencing.

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