Common Cold Medicine Could Boost Birth Defects

Of all the great gifts our Creator has given us, there is nothing that compares to the miracle of childbirth. Watching your child open his eyes and draw his first breath in this world is a magical and life-affirming experience that will bring you to tears.

 But for many families, the birth of a child can also bring with it a terrifying, lingering question that I pray neverhaunts you or your loved ones.

What went wrong?

Literally millions of children each year are born with birth defects that can run the gamut from cleft palates to serious congenital heart defects that can permanently affect — or even shorten — their lives. And countless moms and dads are left with difficult treatment decisions and that haunting question.

According to a new study from Boston University, the answer to that heartbreaking question may be sitting in your medicine cabinet right now.

A new study has found that women who use common decongestant medications during the first trimester of their pregnancies may be boosting the odds of their babies being born with some birth defects by a staggering 700%!

A research team recently analyzed birth defect data on nearly 13,000 children born between 1993 and 2010, comparing that data to answers thousands of mothers gave on medicines they used during pregnancy. And what they found was a steel-toed kick in the gut. A good-faith effort to relieve allergies, sniffles, or congestion, may have put countless children on a path to misery.

Common drugs like Sudafed, with active ingredients including phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine, were linked to dangerous birth defects affecting everything from babies’ hearts to their digestive tracts.

Using phenylephrine during the first trimester of pregnancy was associated with a staggering eight-fold increase in the risk that your baby would develop endocardial cushion defect, a serious abnormality that can lead to heart failure. Acutrim was linked to a 700% increase in the risk of ear or stomach defects.

And the bad news just kept coming. Pseudoephedrine was linked to a 200% boost in the risk of malformed limbs, and the use of some common nasal decongestants and eye drops may have doubled your baby’s risk of an abnormal connection between his trachea and esophagus.

It’s not just heartbreaking — it’s an outrage. Drugs that the Keystone Cops at the FDA deemed so safe they could be sold without a prescription could be setting kids up for a lifetime of illness… of being left on the sidelines waving to their friends … before they’re even born!

If you’re an expecting mom — or if you know one — it’s time to raid the medicine cabinet and toss these decongestants right in the trash where they belong. Talk to your doctor about strengthening your immune system during pregnancy with natural cold-fighters like vitamin C that are safe for you — and your future family member.

Big Pharma isn’t going to protect your baby, friend — that’s your job. Steer clear of these over-the-counter catastrophes, and make sure the birth of your child is the beautiful, perfect miracle our Creator intended it to be.

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