Day of the Week Linked to Surgery Deaths

You may live for the weekend but if you’re planning a surgery, whether it’s a simple tonsillectomy or a risky heart valve replacement, do yourself the favor of a lifetime:

Pick ANY other day.

A frightening new study out of England shows that the day of the weekon which you schedule your surgery could mean the difference between leaving the hospital on your own two feet or being wheeled out in a body bag.

In fact, researchers found that you may be an astounding 82% more likely to die if you schedule your surgery on a weekend, instead of waiting for a Monday. The mainstream tries to make it sound like modern surgery is as simple as tying your shoes — but it’s clear that weekend medical staffers are too busy tripping over their own feet.

Scientists from Imperial College London analyzed data on more than 4 million surgeries performed in English hospitals between 2008 and 2011. Nearly 28,000 patients died from these surgeries, but it was HOW they died that was particularly troubling.

Researchers found that your chance of dying from surgery was lowest on Monday — and it got worse every day after. By the time Friday rolled around, your chance of dying had jumped a shocking 44%!

And once the weekend hit, it was as if these surgeries were being performed by the Grim Reaper himself! Folks who had their surgeries on weekends were 82% more likely to die than those who had surgeries on Monday.

Now, let me give a half-hearted defense of the mainstream here. It’s certainly possible that people who have weekend surgeries are more likely to be undergoing emergency procedures.

But let’s face it — this isn’t exactly the first study to suggest that you don’t get a hospital’s “A squad” when you seek care on the weekend. Most of the top surgeons are probably unwinding on a golf course and lighting cigars with $100 bills.

The point here — and you’ve heard me say this before — is that there’s no such thing as routine surgery. There’s no reason an appendectomy should be more deadly on a Thursday than a Tuesday, except that all surgeons are not created equally.

So whether you’re signing up for a Hump Day Hack or a Sunday Slice, never let anyone tell you surgery is a walk in the park. It’s more like a walk on the wild side. Have a frank talk with your doctor about the benefits and risks of any surgery, and make sure you’re comfortable with your team of caregivers before EVER going under the knife.

And, just for good measure, insist on a Monday appointment.

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