Deep Trance Meditation Guided – hypnosis for beginners

Trance is a natural state of consciousness, which you can reach at any time simply by relaxing. An hypnotic state is just a state of deep relaxation during which your unconscious opens to the suggestions you receive.

If at any moment you feel discomfort or desire to get out of the trance, you can do so by simply taking a few deep breaths and gently opening your eyes, returning to perceive your physical body. You can consider what follows a hypnotic induction, a guided meditation, or more simply a tool to access the vast lands of your unconscious. In any case, even if you let yourself go completely to the suggestions of my voice, you will always be present and the choice of how deep you want to go will only be yours.

If during this session you fall asleep, or lose track of the speech, don’t worry, even in that state the positive suggestions will flow directly into your unconscious without any effort on your part.

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