Do Not Use Expired Cosmetic Products

After the survey of 1,000 women aged 18 to 70, a department store found that the cosmetic products women used often expired four years on average. Some cosmetics even expired more than 15 years. As usual, eyebrow pencil’s shelf life is a year and a half, but in fact the time it stay in the cosmetic bag is 8 years on average, the shelf life of lipstick and lip gloss are 1 year to 2 years, but some people would save them for 10 years, perfume’s shelf life is 3 years, many people have saved for 8 years.

Sarah Stern, head buyer of this cosmetics department survey, said: “We will not hesitate to throw away the deteriorated or expired foods, we should take the same approach to skin care. Beautiful lasts forever, but the cosmetic products are not. Women have very high loyalty for cosmetic brand and product, but health risks would be buried if they not to decline throw out expired products.  Paul Salmon’s words were quoted on New Zealand Herald, which reported a large number of bacteria could be bred in delayed cosmetic products.  All in all, cosmetic bag is a dangerous place for filth.

The survey found that 68% of women neglect whether cosmetics or skin care products had expired, they usually do not throw them away until they are run out. Investigators said expired eye cosmetic product is particularly harmful because the eye is more prone to infections. Redness, itching,  swelling and other symptoms would last for a long time.

Expiration balm would result in dry mouth, sensitive, and blisters. Once Mascara opened, it should normally be used up in 4 to 6 months while high-gloss powder should be used within 6 months. Eye shadow should be run out in a year and a half to two years. The survey also found that about two-thirds of women would share cosmetics or skin care products with others, which increase the risk of infection.

Five years ago, European Union required cosmetics manufacturers to mark shelf life for the products, but near 90% women ignored this information, some people said they didn’t know this information, other say they couldn’t understand clearly the text identity. In addition, some women may think it is a pity to throw away expired cosmetics which are not used up. Response to such opinion, specialist suggested that cosmetics manufacturers produce small packaging products which enable consumers to be able to run out before the end of shelf life.

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