Do This 11 Minute Workout First Thing In The Morning

My morning stretches for improved mobility. Stretching helps conditions tendons and muscles, increases flexibility, can prevent injury and actually leads to greater strength. Stretching is also a way to calm the mind. A morning stretch generally involves slow movements and encourages you to focus on one area of your body. The Best Morning Stretches for Men, upper back Stretch, physical therapy plans, Best Stretching Exercises To Make You as Flexible, Benefits of Bodyweight Exercise, Dynamic stretches, Static stretches, cool down, Morning stretches for runners, morning stretches, your flexibility and increase your mobility.

0:00 Open Book

1:05 Side Twist

1:52 W-Y Raises

2:37 T-Raises

3:22 Hip Extensions and Rotation

4:27 Ankle Stretch

5:13 Kneeling Stretch

5:59 Hip Rotations

6:43 Side Clamp

7:49 Crab Pose

8:33 Downward Facing Dog

9:20 Pilates Exercise

10:05 Half Squat Side Reach

10:50 Rear Lunge Front Raise

11:37 Dynamic Back Stretch

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