Doctors Feel Choosing To Be Thinner In 2010 – Bad For Your Health

BEVERLY HILLS – Doctors are worried that as the New Year begins, many Americans will resolve to be thinner in 2010 by using over-the-counter supplements.

According to a survey conducted by ADSAM and SenseUS polling companies, about 60 percent of physicians feel troubled about the safety of taking diet pills. Not surprisingly, while physicians feel negatively about the safety of over-the-counter diet pills, they are much more comfortable about the use of injections like Botox and Restylane or even breast implants.

The results were surprising, considering America’s obsession with remaining fit and youthful.

Additionally, the same survey showed that feelings about having breast augmentation or facial injections and using over-the-counter diet pills or Human Growth Hormone for anti-aging created fear and stress among the large majority of consumers.

Although consumers were apprehensive about over-the-counter solutions, the survey results discovered that they were more comfortable with diet pills than cosmetic procedures.

“These survey results can have a significant impact on the plastic-surgery industry,” said Jon D. Morris, CEO of ADSAM. “What they show us is that a large number of Americans have a negative feeling towards cosmetic procedures despite physicians feeling good about them.”

While over-the-counter diet pills may seem like a fairly harmless supplement, the safety of these products create more negativity, concern and stress with the physicians than do breast implants and facial injections like Botox and Restylane.

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