Don’t Watch Your Wife Give Birth or You May Get Divorced

LONDON – A medical expert has warned all fathers-to-be to stay away from the pregnancy ward as seeing their wives giving birth could lead them to divorce.

According to childbirth specialist Michael Odent, watching a woman give birth can lessen or end a man’s sexual attraction towards her and lead to a split, reports the Daily Express.

Not just that, Odent says a man’s presence can create other problems for the woman.

He points out that a man’s company extends the labor, making it more painful and stressful for the mother.

Odent believes a woman about to give birth can get distracted by her partner’s presence and might eventually need a caesarean.

Oden suggests that even male doctors should be avoided and only midwives should be present at childbirth.

He says that the more focused a woman is, easier would be the childbirth.

He will tell the Royal College of Midwives conference next month: “The ideal birth environment involved no men in general.

“Having been involved for more than 50 years in childbirths, the best environment is when there is nobody around the woman apart from an experienced midwife – and no doctors and no husband.”

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