Dr. Jason Gittman Joins US Tele-Medicine

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Doctor Jason Gittman to the staff of US Tele-Medicine. Doctor Gittman is a Board certified specialist in Pulmonary Diseases and a member of the National Board of Medical Examiners.  He is also an experienced Primary physician and a published author.

TeleMedicine_Logo_JPG_lgDoctor Gittman received his MD from the New Jersey Medical School in 1975 .He also has a Degree in Psychology from New York University achieved in 1971. Doctor Gittman’s thirty four years of medical practice centers primarily in Arizona.  Doctor Gittman is in practice in Phoenix and serves as the Medical Director of the Physicians’ Medical Legal Consultants.

US Tele-Medicine is a leading national Family and General Practice group  performing the true functions of a Family physician. Our programs ease patient overflow and reduce costs for hospitals, HMO’s, specialty physician groups, self-insured companies and governments.  Our medical services are now available in California, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, New York, Maine, Arizona and Massachusetts.

US Tele-Medicine is specifically designed to provide chronic care management needs and medical care requirements, for issues such as CHF, diabetes, allergies, anxiety, obesity, blood pressure, body pain and many other conditions.

Dr. Gittman will concentrate his efforts in the diverse Arizona communities, who easily identify with Dr. Gittman’s local expertise and experience.  Dr. Gittman will provide his skilled and acclaimed pulmonary and Family care,  to all US Tele-Medicine e-patients wanting or requiring such treatments.

We provide effective medical care supported by a variety of easy-to-use wireless devices, placed in a e-patient’s home, office, or used on the go. These devices gather and monitor vital data and that information is sent immediately to our Doctors.  So using real time diagnostic markers allows us to supply superb chronic care management.

Telemedicine condenses and strengthens the interaction between patient and doctor, irrespective of how many miles away the patient might be, and that leads to better health and wellness.

For more information on US Tele-Medicine, or to reach

Doctor Gittman, please Call us Toll Free at: 800-498-1081

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