Dr Joe Dispenza | Healing Disease, Consciousness, 5D, Miracles | Ep. 169

Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. On the show today is Dr Joe Dispenza, who really needs no introduction. Dr Joe Dispenza has an amazing talent of teaching people how to get beyond their body. He really helps people make that transition.

Dr Joe has retreats, he has several books, “Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself” “You Are The Placebo” “Becoming Supernatural.” As someone who has been to his retreats, I can tell you he really makes you understand the power of meditation, and the power of creating, and that you are a creator. You are creating your reality every day by what you put your point of attention on. When you get out of your thinking mind, you begin to allow flow. The thinking mind keeps you repeating patterns. Patterns that you have been repeating since you were a kid. Allowing yourself to turn off the thinking mind and exist in the consciousness helps you to create a new out come. Breaking away from the familiar. Master the art of manifestation. We hope you enjoy the show.

00:00 – Intro

03:00 – 3 Dimensional Reality Vs The Quantum

08:00 – Meditation Healing Disease

13:00 – Absolute Knowingness Of Healing

17:00 – Time and Space

22:00 – Living In Survival Mode

27:00 – 5D

32:00 – Feel The Experience To Create It

37:00 – Quieting Your Brain

41:00 – We Are Pure Love

46:00 – Believe In Yourself

51:00 – Develop The Skill Of Being Conscious

1:00:00 – You Are What You Think

1:06:00 – Get Outside Of Time To Create

1:10:00 – Proof Of Miracles

1:16:00 – Love The Devine

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