Dr. Mindy Pelz, | Fasting, Autophagy, Detox, Metabolism | Ep. 150

Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast, our guest today we Dr Mindy Pelz. She is a functional health expert. She specializes in women’s health, fasting, and detoxing. There is so much info for men and women, although we are talking a lot about Women fasting, and diet health relating to their cycle. Having data on women is helpful and is usually less available. We talk about coffee. We talk about wine and chocolate. We talk about so many different things that can really help with your health and help with your hormones. At the route of all of it are these sex hormones. This is information is something that will serve you well for the rest of your life. There is so much benefit in fasting. I am about ready to go do myself a long fast, because she talked me into it.

00:00 – Intro 06:30 – PCOS 08:30 – Why Fasting Works 09:30 – When To Fast 13:00 – The Fasting Cycle 16:00 – Hormones During Cycle 19:00 – Chocolate And Wine 20:00 – Detox 24:00 – Changes In Our 40s 28:00 – Adrenal Fatigue 32:00 – How Long To Fast 36:37 – Women’s Cycle And Exercise 40:00 – Is Coffee Good For Us 44:00 – The Benefits of Raw Milk 45:20 – Breaking Your Fast 53:00 – What To Eat For Work Out 58:00 – The Thrifty Gene 01:02:00 – Redefining Metabolism

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