Dr. Paul Saladino | Carnivore Diet, Metabolic Health, Organ Meat, Evolutionary Programing | Ep. 156

Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. We are talking to Dr. Paul Saladino about the carnivore diet. Paul has a podcast called “The Fundamental Health Podcast.” He wrote a hugely popular book called “The Carnivore Code.” He is a double board certified medical doctor, on a quest to understand, what should we as humans be eating, and what is causing disease in modern life.

Your kids will be happy to hear that he believes we are not meant to eat vegetables. Paul has travelled and lived with, the last of the hunter gatherers, to see their eating habits and better understand what health looks liked in a place untouched by modern eating habits. He shares what he learned from these experiences, and how he applies what they taught him to his life and shares that knowledge with thousands of followers. It’s always a challenge when you change your diet, to adapt it to your lifestyle, but if it makes you feel that much better, or look that much better, isn’t it worth it? This is a fascinating episode that could change the way you eat forever.

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